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As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail, and there’s certainly no shortage of detail when it comes to Tasmanian speedway company Devil Raceparts and the range of premium products they stock.

What began as a small operation by Tasmanian Late Model racer Brad Smith the better part of two decades ago has since blossomed into the thriving business it is today, with the past five years resulting in significant growth for the East Devonport-based business that supplies drivers with everything from apparel and safety gear to spare parts and methanol.

It’s the tireless efforts of Smith and his partner Amy Timko that has built the reputation that Devil Raceparts holds, with the pair placing considerable emphasis on driver safety and ensuring that their products are up to date with the latest specifications and testing certifications.

“We’re very strict when it comes to what brands and products we stock, and we won’t stock anything unless we’re positive that it meets the appropriate safety standards, as well as the rules and regulations of its intended class,” explained Smith, who further supports the sport of speedway by sponsoring multiple clubs through Devil Raceparts.

“As an importer, you become the manufacturer of these items under Australian law. We take this very seriously, just as other professional race shops would.”

Not only is it important for drivers to research where they’re purchasing their products, it’s equally as important for them to track the life of their products, with each individual product’s lifespan depending on the manufacturer and the quality.

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“While we obviously want to ensure that our customers are keeping on top of the rules and regulations when it comes to updating their equipment, we also want to ensure that they’re getting as much life out of their products as possible and not spending money unnecessarily,” added Smith.

“Speedway can be a very expensive sport, so rather than encouraging our customers to continually purchase new products, we assist them in getting the most bang for their buck wherever we can.”

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Standing by their motto “the gear you need, the styles you want, at prices you can afford”, Devil Raceparts is without a doubt a benchmark when it comes to speedway suppliers throughout Australia, servicing clients nationwide and even internationally, while also offering the affordable Afterpay option.

Located at 189 Tarleton Street, East Devonport in Tasmania, Devil Raceparts can be contacted by calling 03 6427 RACE or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To find out more about Devil Raceparts or view their range of products, visit their website at, LIKE them on Facebook or FOLLOW them on Instagram by searching Devil Raceparts.