Saturday, 26 May 2018


Victorian Justin Sedgmen has a three-point lead going into the Australian Solo Championship decider after winning last night's third round at Undera Park Speedway (Vic).

The Mildura-born racer, who is still without a club in British speedway, earned his place in a third straight A Final after finishing third in the heat score chart with 13 points. He won his opening four rides, before trailing Sam Masters and Max Fricke in a tough heat 20.

But he hit back in the decider, winning the A Final to claim an extra four points and charge on to 46 overall going into the final round at Kurri Kurri on Saturday.

0000 Podium Shot for Aussie Championship

Photo: Judy Mackay

Mildura winner Sam Masters picked up second place after finishing joint top of the heat scorechart with Troy Batchelor on 14. A bonus three from the A Final leaves him three points behind Sedgmen with 43 in second spot.

After a sensational opening two rounds in Gillman Speedway (SA) and Mildura's Olympic Park Speedway (Vic), pre-meeting series leader Davey Watt’s Australian Championship hopes hang by a thread after he scored just seven to miss out on the B Final. He’s now third overall on 39 – level with Fricke, who was third on the night after winning the B Final ahead of Jack Holder, Brady Kurtz and the excluded Nick Morris to reach the last four.

Batchelor defied a major bike fire in the last round to surge into fifth place overall after an impressive performance on the track where he recently lifted the Victorian Title. But he was only able to add one to his 14-point heat tally after finishing last in the A Final.

AUSTRALIAN SOLO CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: 1 Justin Sedgmen 46, 2 Sam Masters 43, 3= Dave Watt 39, Max Fricke 39, 5 Troy Batchelor 35, 6 Nick Morris 31, 7 Brady Kurtz 25, 8 Jack Holder 23, 9 Rohan Tungate 19, 10 Ty Proctor 16, 11= Josh Pickering 15, Jaimon Lidsey 15, 13 Mason Campton 12, 14 Todd Kurtz 11, 15 Jordan Stewart 13, 16 Cooper Riordan 7.

UNDERA PARK SPEEDWAY HEAT RACE SCORES: 1 Troy Batchelor 14, 2 Sam Masters 14, 3 Justin Sedgmen 13, 4 Max Fricke 12, 5 Jack Holder 10, 6 Brady Kurtz 10, 7 Nick Morris 9, 8 Dave Watt 7, 9 Jordan Stewart 7, 10 Rohan Tungate 6, 11 Mason Campton 5, 12 Ty Proctor 4, 13 Jaimon Lidsey 4, 14 Josh Pickering 2, 15 Todd Kurtz 2, 16 Cooper Riordan 1.

B Final: Fricke, Holder, B Kurtz (ret), Morris (f.exc).

A Final: Sedgmen, Masters, Fricke, Batchelor.

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