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April, 2017 is the most exciting month on the speedway Sidecar calendar, with riders and swingers wrestling full-litre, non-braked three wheelers around Undera and Gillman Speedways at blinding speed in three action-packed Championship rounds.

Crammed into April, three overlapping major sidecar championships are set to play out in spectacular fashion, including the Australian Speedway Senior Sidecar Championship, the Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship and the FIM Speedway Sidecar World Cup.

The opening Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship round fires up on April 1 at Undera Speedway and will see many international riders and swingers competing for the coveted Oceania silverware. Undera is the home track of many speedway Sidecar Champions over the years, including two-time Australian Champions Andrew Cleave and David Power. Large crowds are predicted to swarm the Undera facility in anticipation of the unique event ahead of round two kicking off the following Sunday, April 9, at South Australia’s very popular Gillman Speedway.

Reigning 2016 multi-champion, Australian Darrin Treloar and swinger Blake Cox will return to defend their hard-earned title/s at the Oceania Championship. The event includes the return of notable international riders such as New Zealand’s Andrew Buchanan and the United Kingdom’s speedway showman Mick Cave, who will go toe to toe with 2015 Australian Champion Justin Plaisted and 2016 Australian Championship runner up Trent Headland. USA rider Joe Jones will return to our shores with a new passenger, after a horrific accident last year that very nearly spelt the end of his racing career.

Treloar and Cox

April 7 and 8 will see mad men from every corner of the globe race at the renowned Gillman Speedway track, in their even madder machines, all vying for FIM Speedway Sidecar 1000cc World Cup honours, in the middle of three continuous weeks of incredible speedway Sidecar Championship action in Australia.

Ahead of all the highly-anticipated sidecar events, Motorcycling Australia caught up with Sydney-sider Darrin Treloar, to discuss his season so far and his immense 2016 three wheeled successes.

“It’s been a slow start to the season with a few rain outs occurring, but the laps we have put down have yielded good results,” commented Treloar.

“Blake Cox (from Newcastle) and I are working well together, this is our third season racing together. He is a lot younger than me and he’s a very good swinger. He’s doing a fantastic job on the back.”

When asked if he was concerned about the fierce overseas competition coming to Australia for the upcoming FIM and Oceania events, Treloar was unfazed.

“The Aussie’s are the strongest competition in global speedway Sidecars,” he said.

“We’ve been dominating all of the Oceania events, our chassis and engines have been more advanced in the past, however that is changing lately, and all other nations are catching up to our developments.

“We run R1, ZX10, CBR and GSXR engines where the FZR1000’s were used previously, but there are only a few people going with brand-new type motors such as myself.”

Treloar and Cox’s success is no one-off fluke either.

“2016 was the best season I’ve ever had,” admitted Treloar.

“I won the Queensland title, the Victorian title, New South Wales title, the Oceania, World and the Australian title. I won the lot! We hope to do the same this year and it’s already looking good as we have won the 2017 South Australian title, but there’s a long way to go yet.”

Speedway Sidecar events wrap up with the Australian Speedway Senior Sidecar Championship final concluding on April 16 at Gillman Speedway.

Supplementary regulations for the 2017 Speedway Sidecar Championships can be found on the Motorcycling Australia website.

Keep up to date with all of the 2017 Australian Speedway Sidecar Championship news by heading to the Motorcycling Australia website for results and pictures, and as always, follow us on the Motorcycling Australia Facebook and Instagram pages.

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