Monday, 18 June 2018



Current World Championship leader Tai Woffinden is hoping his good record on temporary FIM Speedway Grand Prix tracks will continue this weekend, while Australian Troy Batchelor is aiming to bounce back to the pointy end of field.

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Jason Crump made his second appearance within a week on Saturday night at Maryborough Speedway for the Wide Bay Bike Bonanza and he managed to come away with an undefeated scorecard.

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After making an impressive cameo return to speedway competition last weekend, Australian star Jason Crump is set to contest another race meeting – on this occasion at Maryborough Speedway (Qld) for this Saturday night’s Wide Bay Bike Bonanza.

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Legendary Australian rider Jason Crump was the main attraction of last weekend’s MEM Handlebar Heroes Speedway Spectacular at Rockhampton Showground; however, there was a youngster who also starred.

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Darrin Treloar was on track to claim a record ninth Australian Sidecar Championship win; however, fate had other ideas and his former passenger for three of those previous Australian Championship successes, Justin Plaisted, stole the victory.

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