Monday, 18 June 2018

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It’s often said that speedway is a family and in cases like this, that is certainly true. Bitter rivals that clash on track race with brutal competitive spirit can be softened by a common cause and a person to rally around, particularly when it’s someone like youngster Liam Parr.

Liam’s dad Adrian is well known to speedway racers, fans and officials alike as a racing identity and supporter of the industry. Parr Motorsports is recognized, respected and revered across the country. That part of the Parr life is well known.

What isn’t as well known but becoming increasingly more so however is Liam’s story.

This incredible young man at the tender age of 15 has been struck down by a rare and at present incurable disease known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type 4. This condition basically means that his tissues are not meshed together structurally and continue to break down.

As of this weekend, Liam has spent over 90 days in hospital with on average an operation every three days. Liam faces an uncertain future with doctors already ruling out any form of contact sport, motor racing and general things in life we all take for granted. This will also restrict Liam's opportunities for employment in the future.

When word spread about Liam’s situation the ground support began growing and now there’s a new initiative called “Lending a hand to Liam”.

A range of fundraising concepts is now being coordinated across the country that will be streamlined through a Facebook page and there are some amazing items on offer.

This coming week, Robbie Farr will speak online with Darren Disbury through and outline the various people involved and the items that will be available for online bidding.

Tasmanians Donna Mackrell and Tim Hutchins recently reached out with emails promoting Liam’s GoFundMe account and the project quickly began gathering momentum.

Speedways, teams, associations and fans have begun to work together to raise funds towards the end goal of $30,000.

“It’s amazing that so many people want to help and I know that the Parr family are grateful for all of it,” commented Hutchins.

“We’d like to coordinate all the support under the one umbrella so it’s easier to manage, so we’ve set up the Facebook page to bring everyone to the one place.”

000 Liam Parr Items

A quick call by Farr to rivals David Murcott, James McFadden and Jamie Veal netted four race suits that will make spectacular collectibles for any self-respecting race enthusiast either individually or collectively.

Within 24 hours, artwork for “Lending a hand to Liam” bumper stickers had been created by Gavin Skene and amazingly produced and printed by Jeff Byron from Design Effects for sale in the Valvoline Raceway pits despite his printing machine crashing the day before.

Teams snapped up the stickers and applied them immediately to their race cars.

In the weeks leading up to this past weekend a number of teams had already come up with their own artwork on their race cars as tributes to Liam’s situation.

A respected and much loved racer in the dirt kart world, Parr has the compassion and the support of a broad range of motorsport disciplines behind him.

Information on the various auction items being offered for LAHTL will be released shortly, so please visit the “Lending a hand to Liam” Facebook page.

You can soon purchase the LAHTL stickers for $20 plus postage and handling, or contribute direct to the following page: 

“Speedway is a family and it’s situations like Liam’s that remind you how important it is for us all to band together,” added Hutchins.

“The response to his plight has been overwhelming yet not surprising. There are a lot of great people in speedway and the Parr family are an important part of it.”

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