Every great journey begins with a single step, and for Redline Media, that journey began 13 years ago today, when founder Daniel Powell decided to take his career into his own hands, creating what has now become one of Australia’s prominent public relations companies in their field.


Single-handedly launching a business is more than a gamble for anyone, let alone a 20 year old with little to no experience in doing so; however, it was a gamble that, through hard work and unfailing determination, has certainly paid off.

Beginning his Redline Media venture in his makeshift home office, which was the dinner table, Powell had neither the means nor academic experience to turn his dream of writing and public relations into a reality. With little income and no additional outside funding to market himself or his new brand, he was forced to sacrifice the lifestyle of a ‘normal’ 20 year old, foregoing parties and overseas trips, to try and establish himself as a serious business owner, having no idea where his next pay cheque would come from.

After receiving several jarring and eye-opening responses to his countless cold calls to potential clients, Powell realised that in order to create a connection to the public, he would have make himself known to them, by attending events and meeting the people who could utilise his services. His ignorance turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as he grew to understand the art of networking, going on to build a sturdy client base; so sturdy in fact, that he gained the confidence he needed in order to take his next step into the printed publication industry.

Since his humble beginning 13 years ago, Powell now not only runs Redline Media, but also its renowned affiliate brand Totally Speedway, which greatly complements the public relations company.

First launching the printed magazine in 2009 – an extremely risky undertaking in what was an already over-populated niche market – Totally Speedway quickly became the country’s leading speedway publication, covering all facets of Australian speedway. For Powell, who was one of youngest self-publishers in Australia at the age of 26, Totally Speedway launched his employer status to the next level, having hired long-time freelance graphic designer Alan Thompson on a full time basis, along with creating relationships with a number of other contributors who played a crucial part in magazine production.

While Powell’s endeavour into printed publications was a successful one, navigating the ruthless industry, particularly as a young sole proprietor, was far from easy. In 2014, Powell soon discovered that his ambitious nature had gotten the better of him, causing him to bite off more than he could chew, when he attempted to launch a further two nationwide magazines. Admitting that his over-zealous approach caused him to make a myriad of mistakes, Powell knew it was time to take a step back and reassess his options and goals.

Having previously taken advantage of the ever-growing social media platforms, which played a crucial part in the magazine’s initial success, Powell’s introduction to social media on a professional level and his strong social media presence later proved to be an invaluable source of knowledge, one that was soon to become a fundamental key to the continuation of his brand.

In April, 2015, Powell made the decision to transform Totally Speedway to a free daily news website, and as such, the success of the brand relied heavily on website and social media interaction. Through steadily developing this interaction over the years, Totally Speedway now enjoys an ever-growing following of almost 30,000 people across its social media channels, with consistent positive engagement on its regular content.

More importantly, Totally Speedway has given Powell the recognition he needed in order to take Redline Media to new heights as a privately-owned company.

While the road to Redline Media’s success was paved with mistakes, Powell took those mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve, each day becoming more adept to deal with the responsibilities of owning a business.

What started out as a one-man venture has now become the cornerstone for a successful enterprise, which continues to grow, with two full-time staff members on board to manage the healthy workload. And while Powell couldn’t be happier with what he has achieved so far, he continues to look for new and innovative ways to progress and expand Redline Media and Totally Speedway in the future.

Nelson Mandela once said “I never lose. Either I win or I learn”, and having experienced enlightening lows as well as overwhelming highs throughout his 13-year journey, this is a statement Powell can whole-heartedly attest to.

To find out more about Redline Media and its services, visit their website at www.redlinemedia.com.au, or contact Daniel Powell on 0432 126 210 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..