An enthusiastic crowd enjoyed a thrilling night’s racing at Gillman Speedway on Saturday night, with close, exciting racing in each class, which saw Justin Plaisted’s ‘Apprentices’ win by a point in a last heat decider in the Sidecars event.

April, 2017 is the most exciting month on the speedway Sidecar calendar, with riders and swingers wrestling full-litre, non-braked three wheelers around Undera and Gillman Speedways at blinding speed in three action-packed Championship rounds.

New Aussie champion Sam Masters says he has never been better prepared to go for QBE Insurance Australian SGP glory as he crosses his fingers for a Melbourne return on October 28.

It was ‘third time lucky’ for the 25-year-old from Newcastle, Sam Masters as he took possession of the 2017 Australian Speedway Senior Solo Championship crown on Saturday night, in the fourth and final round at Kurri Kurri speedway (NSW) after placing second in well fought 2015 and 16 Championships.