Thursday, 19 July 2018


Next year’s Queen's Birthday weekend will be a special time for long-serving fans when the Australian Vintage Speedway Festival is held at Grafton Speedway on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12.

Promoter Dave Lander is well into the planning stages for the fixture which will feature a static display of cars and bikes from days of yesteryear while exhibition runs will be held as a highlight of the Saturday and Sunday afternoon shows.

Lander is hoping many of the vintage clubs throughout Australia will embrace and get behind the promotion to ensure a good attendance is on hand to take the walk down memory lane.

1 9 2015 David Lander

“I will be contacting many of the clubs as I am asking for their support. We want to make this a special two days but it can only work if we have a good representation from clubs. I want as many cars and bikes as possible to make the static display really something special, while the demonstration runs will be a major promotion all of its own,” he said.

The reason Lander is placing so much emphasis on that part of the day is his desire to have an all Offenhauser Speedcar exhibition run with as many of the famous Meyer & Drake powered cars on the track as possible.

“I want as many Offies there as possible to participate in a very unique track appearance,” he added.

“These cars hold a very special place in the history of Australian Speedcar racing and I want to showcase these mighty machines with a separate presentation to anything else we do during the afternoon,” he added.

Merchandising stalls featuring a massive range of memorabilia and collectors' items also will be a part of the two-day festival.

For more information on the 2016 Australian Vintage Speedway Festival, phone Dave Lander on 0408 222 908.

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