Friday, 22 June 2018


The Speedway Australia board, and Speedway Australia Staff, has been in continual correspondence with the Australian Vintage Classic Speedway National Body (AVCSNB), with the aim of developing means for the provision of better governance for Vintage/Classic/Historic demonstrations on a National level.

Following thorough consideration of these matters, the Speedway Australia board has come to a decision whereas the AVCSNB will be recognised by Speedway Australia as the National Body for ALL Vintage/Classic/Demonstrations that occur at Speedway Australia insured venues.

Effective 1 January 2016, only members of a Vintage/Classic/Historic club, that is a member club of the AVCSNB, will be permitted to apply for a ‘V’ Class Speedway Australia vintage licence.

Effective 1 January 2016, only Member Clubs of the AVSCNB will be permitted to run demonstrations at Speedway Australia insured venues.

Vintage/Classic/Historic clubs that are not currently a Member Club of the AVCSNB are encouraged to join the AVCSNB, prior to 1 January 2016. Failure to adopt this recommendation will see club members unable to purchase a Speedway Australia Licence and demonstrate at a Speedway Australia venue.

This decision has not been made lightly; it has come about following some unfortunate years of some Vintage/Classic/Historic clubs disregarding national Speedway Australia minimum safety standards.

Speedway Australia acknowledges that although this decision may hurt some AVCSNB clubs, in the end the main outcome from this decision is a positive one, as the AVCSNB will now be the sole recognised National Body for Vintage/Classic/Historic demonstrations.

Speedway Australia encourages everyone involved in the Vintage/Classic/Historic movement to use this three-month moratorium to raise any concerns. Speedway Australia is confident that the AVCSNB has the best interest of Vintage/Classic/Historic demonstrations, and will act in the best interest of the future of the movement going forward.

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