Thursday, 16 August 2018
Not only is Darren Kane one of the most successful Super Sedan drivers in history, but he will go down as the best ever driver in the history of the National Super Sedan Series. Earlier this month, he scored his fifth National Super Sedan Series Title. 
Here’s our wrap up of the top 10 finishes in the final point standings of what was the 10th and final season of the National Super Sedan Series. 
1: Darren Kane (Qld)
It might have come down to the wire at the final round to his capture his record fifth NSSS Title, but he did it in style by romping to victory in the feature race. Over the nine rounds, Kane managed to pick up four wins (Archerfield Speedway, Borderline Speedway, Heartland Raceway and Speedway City) – the most of any driver in the series. To win 50 per cent of the NSSS crowns out of the 10 years is something truly special and this is just another example of why he will go down in history as quite possibly the best sedan driver.  
NSSS Overall Podium full
2: Dave Gartner (SA)
Gartner had one hand on the NSSS Title trophy heading into the final round, but fate denied him of the capturing the biggest win of his long career in Super Sedans. In the feature race at the final round, he crashed out and that consequently ended his title winning hopes. To say Gartner was guttered upon exiting his car was a massive understatement. Over the rounds, Gartner scored two round wins (Lismore Speedway and Murray Bridge Speedway) and also finished third twice.  
3: Kodee Brown (WA)
Last season’s Australian Champion wasn’t able to win a round throughout this season’s campaign, but he managed five minor podium finishes (2nd x 3 and 3rd x 2). Brown was right up there in the mix at the majority of the rounds. In the end, he had performed good enough to bring home third in the final point standings. 
4: Ryan Alexander (SA)
The rookie sensation showed everyone what a talent he is by finishing fourth in the final point standings. In the series, he won his maiden round (Western Speedway) and also finished on the podium in minor positions three times. The 21-year-old has so much raw talent, and if his first full season in Super Sedans is anything to go by, then the future is certainly a prosperous one. 
IBRAC 10128 TotallySpeedwayQtrPageNovember2013
5: Mick Nicola (Vic)
Nicola might not have won a single round, but he was a consistent top-five runner. The three-time Australian Champion might not be as dominant as he once was, but he was always up there contending for front-running spots. Nicola’s best performance was a third at the Western Speedway round. 
6: Lachlan Onley (NSW)
This season, Onley might not have contested every round, but in the ones that he did, he was a force. Apart from his dominant Valvoline Raceway round win, he managed a single minor podium finish (second) at the Western Speedway round. 
7: Graeme Elliott (Qld)
One of the real battlers in the field contested every round and qualified into the majority of feature races. As a result of this, Elliott finished well inside the top 10 of the final point standings. The best round result for Elliott was an eighth at Valvoline Raceway.
8: Tony Barklimore (NSW)
For the majority of the National Series’ history, Barklimore has been one of its biggest supporters. Barklimore didn’t compete at every round, but he still was able to perform well enough to snare a spot inside the top 10 of the point standings. A fifth at the Valvoline Raceway round was Barklimore’s best result. 
9: Peter Nicola (Vic)
A lot more was expected from Nicola as a contracted driver this season, but misfortune prevented that. The current and two-time Victorian Champion wasn’t able to contest every round and in the ones that he did, he struggled. In the rounds Nicola did contest, he finished inside the top 10 only twice. 
10: Brad Smith (Tas) 
The Tasmanian didn’t contest every round this season, but in the rounds he did contest, he was able to challenge the front runners. In the four rounds the former National Series Champion did run, his best result was a second at Borderline Speedway. 

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