Friday, 22 June 2018


JAV Engines recently enjoyed significant success in the SKAA Winter Series for Speedway Karts at Maryborough Speedway, with three different drivers from three different classes tasting victory.

Cody Ball took the point standings win in the Sub-Juniors after completing the third-round series, while his older brother Noah Ball was victorious in the Juniors. Clean sweeping the top three in the Standard class, it was Libby Ellis who came away with the win, with Cameron Ball and Steve McCullough finishing behind her in second and third respectively.

Proving the quality of JAV Engines, Ellis has been a model of consistency during the series, coming away with first, third and fourth-place finishes, while each of the other drivers have been regular front runners.

0 Libby Ellis 111

Photo: Colin Stratford

Anthony Vanderreyden, the owner of JAV Engines, believes the decision to start working with Speedway Kart engines around six months ago is definitely paying off.

“Speedway Karts offer us another area to work within so we hope to continue working with these engines moving forward,” he expressed.

“The drivers each did a fantastic job and should be very proud of the results they achieved. I get a great deal of satisfaction in seeing them do well, so hopefully this is a trend we can continue at JAV Engines.”

The JAV Engines team will return to Maryborough Speedway on the Saturday and Sunday of October 15 and 16 to contest both the Queensland Title and the Des Carsburg Memorial.

To find out more about JAV Engines, visit their website at or LIKE them on Facebook by searching JAV Engines.

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