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One of the iconic Sprintcars throughout the 1980s was the Pizza Hut-sponsored Sprintcar driven by South Australian racer Tom Tomlinson. We recently tracked down the Canadian-born Tomlinson for this week’s ‘Where Are They Now’ piece.

In this week’s Where Are They Now piece, we caught up with Motocross star turned speedway racer Stephen Gall.

For a bloke that did not want to go to the speedway in the beginning, Kevin Purton, from Deloraine in the central north of Tasmania, certainly achieved a lot during his time in the sport of speedway as a competitor. In this week’s Where Are They Now piece, we caught up with the two-time National Super Sedan Champion.

There is no question about it, there are now going to be two stages of speedway life: speedway before coronavirus and speedway after coronavirus. I’m hoping that speedway after coronavirus is going to be better, and I’m here to explain to you why.

FLASHBACK: It is hard to believe that Kenny Griffey is only 21 years old of age. Having endured so much for someone so young; this ‘warts and all’ feature proves you must fight on, no matter what life throws at you along its twisted path.

The McFadden surname is now synonymous within the world of Sprintcar racing through James McFadden. We tracked down the man who did not initially want James to get into Sprintcar racing, his dad, Dave McFadden, as part of this week’s Where Are They Now piece.