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Welcome to the weekly series called Generation Next, which highlights the young talent (under the age of 30) coming through the ranks. This week’s Generation Next spotlight are the Lightning Sprints.

Jordan Binskin (NSW)

It’s hard to believe that Binskin hasn’t yet claimed an Australian or state title, but the 23-year-old racer has certainly been close on a few occasions over the seasons.

The talented Sydneysider has for the past five seasons been one of the fastest around his home track of Valvoline Raceway, and as a result, he has claimed the track championship honours there. In terms of a career highlight so far, he took out the 2017 Gold Cup victory, which also took place at Valvoline Raceway, and finished second in the Australian Title that same year.

Looking into the future, we are confident that an Australian or state title victory isn’t going to be too far away for Binskin.

Chris Davis (NSW)

One of the regular faces for close to a decade, Davis is rated as one of the country’s best racers in the Lightning Sprint class.

The 27-year-old has scored more than his fair share of wins, but nothing is yet to trump his 2018 Australian Title win at Tamworth’s Oakburn Park Speedway (NSW).

There is no doubt that more success in the Lightning Sprints is on the horizon for Davis and his team.

Jack Selmes (NSW)

Stepping into Lightning Sprints two seasons ago, Selmes has been growing in confidence with every outing and has now developed into a top-five contender at his home track, Valvoline Raceway.

Prior to the moving into Lightning Sprints, the 18-year-old came from a Speedway Kart background. For many years now, Speedway Karts have been the nursey for future Lightning Sprints racers and Selmes is the latest addition.

0000 Jack Selmes

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

Tyler Stralow (Qld)

Since jumping into the Lightning Sprints just over two seasons ago, Stralow has been on the pace.

In his debut full season, Stralow ran fourth in the Australian Title and third in the Queensland Title. The following season, the 18-year-old went to another level by claiming major wins in his home state and in NSW: the Patrick Moroney Memorial at Maryborough Speedway (Qld) and the Gold Cup at Valvoline Raceway (NSW).

If Stralow’s first two seasons in Lightning Sprints are any indication, there is going to be a lot more success ahead.

000 T Strawlow q51

Photo: Matthew Paul Photography

Sean Iacono (Qld)

Iacono burst onto the scene during the 2014-15 season as a teenager and celebrated it by winning both the Australian and Queensland Titles in sensational fashion.

Six seasons later and a brief stint in 410 Sprintcars, the 24-year-old has in recent seasons returned to the Lightning Sprints and is a front-running contender on any given night.

0000 Sean Iacono

Kirsty Kelly (Qld)

A third-generation racer, Kelly has been racing Lightning Sprints on and off since debuting in the class during the 2014-15 season after graduating out of Junior Quarter Midgets.

Despite not racing Lightning Sprints on consistent basis, the 22-year-old has always shown front-running speed. The highlight so far for Kelly was her impressive third-place finish in the 2015 Australian Title.

0000 Kirsty Kelly

Scott Jukes (Qld)

With just two seasons in the Lightning Sprint class to his name, Jukes has shown plenty of promise.

The 23-year-old has already picked up a top-10 finish in the 2019 Australian Title, which occurred at the end of his debut season. Just last season, he improved even more and is now considered one of the leading contenders within his home state.

0000 Scott Jukes

OTHERS: Jayden Mathers (Qld), Jarred Iacono (Qld) and James Elliot (Qld).