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It wasn’t all that long ago when women competing in Australian speedway was somewhat of a taboo subject, However, today, there are more and more women taking on the males across various levels of speedway competition. In part one of this three-part article, Totally Speedway’s Daniel Powell explores the junior ranks of speedway.


Zoe Pearce

With a rich speedway bloodline, Pearce, whose dad is current Speedcar racer Andy, has just started in the Junior Formula 500 ranks.

Last season, the 13-year-old ran four Junior Formula 500 race meetings and improved with every outing and is already looking forward to this coming season.

Prior to stepping into Junior Formula 500s, Pearce, whose grandfathers are Ian ‘The Fly’ Lewis from Sprintcar and Speedcar fame and Wayne Pearce from Speedcar and Compact Speedcar fame, enjoyed a lot of success, which was a total of 21 feature races, in Junior Quarter Midgets.

One of Pearce’s career highlights so far occurred during the most recent Christmas-New Year period when she ventured over to New Zealand. Running at the famous Western Springs Speedway in Auckland on the north island, where she ran a Quarter Midget. Despite not achieving the desired results, she counted it as a fantastic experience.

Dakota Luckett

Another third-generation racer, Luckett has just completed her maiden season in Junior Formula 500s, which was unfortunately brought to a premature end due the world-wide coronavirus lockdown.

The 14-year-old came into Junior Formula 500s following three seasons in the Junior Quarter Midgets. Luckett made consistent improvement throughout the season in Junior Formula 500s and finished up sixth in the final point standings of the Victorian Speedweek Series.

Luckett is the granddaughter of two-time Victorian SDAV Hot Rod Title runner-up finisher Allen Luckett.

000 Dakota Luckett

Photo: Aidan Freeman Photography

Chloe Sheerman

After a hesitant start to her Junior Sedan career, Sheerman has overcome a slow start and hasn’t looked back.

At the age of 16 and with six seasons under her belt, Sheerman has tasted her fair share of feature-race success in recent seasons, with wins taking place at tracks like her home track Alexandra Speedway and the nearby Nyora Raceway.

Following the recent quick sale of her Mitsubishi Lancer, Sheerman is next season has moved out of Junior Sedans and is now set to move into Junior Standard Saloons, where he is going to campaign a VY Holden Commodore. The VY Holden Commodore is going to be shared with her dad, Wayne, from Smooth Suspension.

With her dad, who is known as Squiggles and boasts over 25 years of speedway racing experience, in her corner, Sheerman really enjoys her speedway racing and is looking forward to doing it for many seasons to come.

000 Chloe Sheerman

Bree and Tamika Simpson

The Simpson siblings are proud fourth-generation speedway racers, following in the footsteps of their father, grandfather and great grandfather. Their mother (Nicole) also drove Junior Sedans back in the day. It was inevitable that they grew up at the race track, as they watched their dad (Troy) compete, cheering him on to become the 2012 Victorian 3 Litre Sedan Champion.

Bree has always wanted to race, she would continually ask for a Junior Quarter Midget, but dad wasn’t ready to retire just yet. She received her first speedway car in the form of a Junior Sedan for her ninth birthday and she helped work on it for the following year. She had her first race meeting a couple of weeks after turning 10 during the middle of the season. While she started slow, she loved it and finished the season gaining considerable experience.

On the practice day before the new season, her dad couldn’t believe the speed and control she had straight out the blocks, she continued to gather more speed and control and that season picked up a few podium finishes. It was time for a faster car and for dad to retire from the driver’s seat.

After just one and half seasons, Bree was moved into the Top Stars ranks and ran a new Hyundai Excel. Bree’s career highlight to date was qualifying on pole position for the B main of last year’s Victorian Title at Hamilton’s Western Speedway, where she led from start to finish, which qualified her out of position 17 for the feature race. From there, she drove hard and fast throughout the feature race and moved forward and went on to finish a pleasing seventh.

For the upcoming season, Bree will be moving into a Mitsubishi Lancer and is hoping to compete in her first National Title at Canberra’s ACT Speedway in January of next year.

Tamika, Bree’s younger sister, has never enjoyed the racing much but as she had to be there, she thought she may as well have a go. Last season, she jumped into a Daihatsu Charade and is now well and truly hooked, she absolutely loves it. While she is a little slower than her rivals, she has great car control and is looking forward to further improvement this coming season.

000 Simpson Sisters

Natalie and Jessica O’Donnell

Starting in Junior Sedans back in 2017, Natalie O’Donnell started in an old Datsun Sunny sharing with her sister, Jessica.

The O’Donnell sisters have been competing in Junior Sedans for three seasons now and are still sharing the car. Prior to the coronavirus bringing last season to an early end, the siblings were set to move out of their trusty Datsun Sunny and into a Mitsubishi Lancer but that wasn’t to be.

Sadly, Natalie is set to turn 18 shortly and has now stepped out of Junior Sedans, while her younger sister, Jessica, aged 16, has two more seasons left to run in the class.

Looking into the future, Natalie hopes to get back into speedway racing sooner rather than later by competing in the Crash N Bash class.

000 Natalie and Jessica ODonnell

Photo: Random Panda Photography

OTHERS: Zoe Young (Junior Sedans), Kiarna and Tenayah Barton (Junior Sedans), Ellie Meade (Junior Sedans), Christine Oliver (Junior Sedans), Jemma Woods (Junior Sedans / Junior Quarter Midgets), Shaqkira Blake (Junior Sedans), Maddy Capon (Junior Sedans) and Abbi Garlick (Junior Sedans)

Western Australia

Elysha Cooper

Cooper has been involved in speedway her entire life, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Commencing in Junior Sedans at the age of 12, these days the now 16-year-old is loving it more than ever before.

In last season’s National Title at Collie Speedway (WA), Cooper managed to qualify into the National Title deciding feature race and was the only girl that season to do so. This was without a doubt the highlight of her time in speedway so far.

Apart from her National Title performance, other highlights for Cooper was podiuming two seasons in a row in the Tom Green Memorial at Ellenbrook Speedway, where she won the New Stars event in 2018 and then ran third in the Top Stars the following year.

Cooper says that she owes a lot of her success in Junior Sedans to her parents, Stephan and Celisa, along with her brother Ethan.

Elsysha Cooper 111

Chloe Dellar

The Junior Sedan career of Dellar started out by simply not wanting to be left out with her two siblings, Kayne and Lachie, already racing in the class. That was 2017 and fast forward to now, Dellar has competed all around her home state. When it comes to her career highlights, the Kalgoorlie-based racer narrowly missed out on a feature-race spot in last season’s National Title at Collie Speedway (WA), she has scored a handful of podium feature-race finishes, and in the 2018-19 season, she finished third on the podium behind her two brothers in the final point standings of Kalgoorlie International Speedway Club Championships for the Junior Sedan class.

000 Chloe Dellar

Photo: Peter Roebuck

 Amber Shore

Another racer from the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia, Shore has been running her Mitsubishi Lancer in Junior Sedans for the past four seasons. The 16-year-old thoroughly enjoys her speedway racing and continuing her family’s legacy in the sport as a third-generation racer. Shore is now heading into her final season in Junior Sedans before she plans to make the move into the senior ranks.

0000 Amber Shore

Photo: Peter Roebuck

Bronty Fraser

When Fraser was little, she wasn’t really that into speedway despite her family being mad about the whole sport. However, that all changed when she was 12 and suffered an injury while dancing.

As a result of sustaining this injury, she was forced to take a break from dancing and started to attend speedway on a more regular basis. Within a year, she had jumped into a Junior Sedan for the first time. From there, she was hooked and has never looked back.

For the next four seasons, Fraser competed throughout the state of Western Australia and scored her fair share of impressive results, along with interstate trips for National Titles, and even travelling over to New Zealand to contest the 2017 Australasian Championship.

Fraser notes that she wouldn’t be the person she is today if it weren’t for the sport of speedway. She wouldn’t have travelled throughout Australia, made so many wonderful friends, and her public speaking skills wouldn’t be as good as they are. She is keen to get back into speedway racing in the senior ranks once she completes her hairdressing apprenticeship.

000 Bronty Fraser

Erin Fraser

Competing in Junior Sedans for the past six years, Fraser has certainly held her own in the tough state of Western Australia.

A long-time Daihatsu Charade campaigner, Fraser has been competitive from the get-go, where in her first ever race meeting, she placed third in the Collie Speedway Championship. From there, she has picked up her fair share of feature-race podium finishes at tracks such as Collie Speedway, Margaret River Speedway, Mt Barker Speedway and Bunbury Speedway.

Fraser has thoroughly enjoyed her time in Junior Sedans, in particularly her past two years where he has really stepped it up to another level as a racer, with her highlight being winning the Heidi Robinson Memorial at Margaret River Speedway.

Apart from the Heidi Robinson Memorial, another highlight for Fraser was being the only female competitor to win a heat race during last season’s National Junior Sedan Title at Collie Speedway.

At the end of last season, Fraser graduated out of Junior Sedans and is now set to continue her career in the senior ranks in Street Stocks.

0000 Erin Fraser

Jasmine Arnold

To say that Arnold is passionate about her speedway racing would be quite the understatement.

Starting her Junior Sedan career at the age of 12, Arnold, whose brother Isaac is a former Junior Sedan racer, feel in love with the competition side of speedway from the very time she hit the track.

In the beginning, Arnold wasn’t too knowledgeable about the race cars, but as she spent more time around them, the more knowledge she picked up.

As Arnold’s race car knowledge and track time expanded, the more competitive she became in the hotly contested class, where she moved from the New Stars into the Top Stars category.

Contesting a total of three National Titles (2018 – Darwin’s Northline Speedway in the NT, 2019 – Maryborough Speedway in Qld and 2020 – Collie Speedway in WA) were the highlight for Arnold, but despite not having the best of luck in these events, she gained invaluable experience. Another standout moment was to represent her country against New Zealand in the Australasian Junior Sedan Championship.

With her time in Junior Sedans now over, Arnold is grateful for the opportunity to compete against so many good racers and all the friendships she has made along the way. For now, she is working on a plan to continue her speedway racing in the senior ranks.

0000 Jasmine Arnold

Emma Ahearn

Ahearn (pictured below with her brother Josh) has just completed her fourth season in Junior Sedans, and her most recent season saw her achieve a new career highlight, which took place during last season’s National Junior Sedan Title at Collie Speedway.

The career highlight for Ahearn was when she, along with her brother Josh, picked up the best presented car and pit crew award of last season’s National Title.

Aside from presenting a well-presented race car, Ahearn certainly holds her own out on the race track. Last season, she scored her first win in Top Star competition and she is eager to taste more success.

In terms of next season’s plans, Ahearn is looking to improve her racing in Junior Sedans in readiness for her move into senior competition, which is where she hopes to one day move into the Late Model class.

0000 Emma Ahearn

Shataya Herbert

One of the newest faces to the Junior Sedan scene, Herbert didn’t make the best starts to her time in the sport, after crashing out in only her third ever race meeting at Ellenbrook Speedway. However, despite a crashing start, Herbert’s enthusiasm for racing has certainly not diminished.

After two seasons so far in the sport, Herbert is excited about the future and is committed to improving her race craft and hopes to one day be a front-running contender. Herbert’s focus is to continue to have fun out on the race track.

Herbert comes from a motorsport background, with her dad Ashley having competed in demolition derby and burnout competition, and her pop being Peter Herbert, who is one of Western Australia’s leading Street Stock competitor.

0000 Shataya Herbert

OTHERS: Brooke Sutton (Junior Sedans), Lexie and Olivia Smith (Junior Sedans), Olivia Earle (Junior Sedans), Alyvia Ferraro (Junior Sedans), Tylah Steele (Junior Sedans), Alicia Short (Junior Sedans) and Tanika Webb (Junior Sedans)


Charlotte and Hannah Christensen

Attending speedway race meetings since they were a month old, it was inevitable that Charlotte and Hannah would have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a race car, and that happened through the Junior Sedan ranks.

The Christensen surname has a long association with the Super Sedans, with Charlotte and Hannah’s dad, Dale, being a current racer.

Two seasons ago, Charlotte asked if she could try her hand at Junior Sedans, and a season later, Hannah had the same desire and joined her older sister out on the speedway track.

In Charlotte’s first two seasons, she has been competitive and it has seen her pick up a few minor podium finishes in feature races, while Hannah’s first season in the class was brought to a premature end due to the coronavirus outbreak and only allowed her to make a handful of appearances.

For the future, Charlotte has now graduated out of Junior Sedans and will be next season moving into the senior ranks via the Production Sedan class aboard an EL Ford Falcon. Hannah will be back running in Junior Sedans but now has her eyes on the open wheel classes and there might be a chance she will step into the Junior Formula 500 class.

The Junior Sedans have been a great introduction to speedway racing for both Charlotte and Hannah, and the best thing about it all is the fun they have had / continue to have and the friendships they have made.

000 Hannah and Charlottle Christensen

Taylor Morgan

Morgan has spent the past three seasons in Junior Formula 500s, and along the way it has seen her pick up a feature-race win and a few minor podiums.

Being the daughter of former Sprintcar racer Richard and the sister of current Sprintcar racer Randy, Morgan is enjoying her time in Junior Formula 500s. She is getting more and more comfortable in the class but openly admits that she still has plenty of learning left to do.

000 Taylor Morgan 01

Em Whell

Whell is yet another third-generation racer who is continuing the family’s speedway legacy by running in Junior Sedans.

With a big speedway passion, Whell is enjoying her time in Junior Sedans and getting out there on the track and flying the flag high for the girls. Before her time in Junior Sedans is up, she has set herself the goal of scoring competitive results in a Queensland Title or maybe even a National Title.

Whell is the daughter of 410 Sprintcar racer of David Whell and the younger sister of 410 Sprintcar newcomer Nicholas Whell. Also, her mum, Jenny Whell, was once a capable Lightning Sprint racer.

000 Em Whell

Khiana Gay

Coming from a Junior Quarter Midget background, Khiana last season made the move into Junior Formula 500s.

With the step into Junior Formula 500s being a challenging one, she is determined to get used to her car and continue to improve her performances.

Despite most of the time running towards the back of the field so far in Junior Formula 500s as she finds her feet, Khiana is having a lot of fun in the process, which is what junior speedway competition is all about.

000 Khiana Gay

Taryn Francis

Francis started going to the speedway when she was 11 to watch my dad compete. She loved it so much that she begged her dad to buy me a race car, which took some relentless persuading.

Francis’s mum was a bit nervous about it all at first and tried to talk her daughter out of it, but her daughter was determined to race. Finally after a year of begging, dad bought his daughter her first race car, which was a blue Datsun Sunny to run in Junior Sedans.

She loves everything about speedway and commenced her driving career at the age of 13. She says she get a little bit nervous while she sits on the dummy grid but as soon as she gets out on the race track, she feels totally free. When it comes to speedway racing, she says she couldn’t imagine her life without it.

000 Taryn Francis

Abby Smith

Coming from a family of speedway racers spanning three generations, Smith is excited about commencing her third season of Junior Sedan racing.

With their home track being Bundaberg’s Carina Speedway, Smith spent most of her first season based there. However, she loved Junior Sedan racing that much during her first season, she travelled to other tracks, such as Maryborough Speedway, Rockhampton Speedway and Gympie’s Mothar Mountain Speedway.

Smith’s plans for this coming season are to compete in the Queensland Title at Roma Speedway and venture to a new track in her home state, Kingaroy Speedway, along with running the race meetings at her nearby tracks.

In her first two seasons, Smith has received plenty of support from her family, along with sponsors, fellow competitors and even from people on her social-media team racing page, which makes her speedway racing even more enjoyable. Despite no feature-race podiums just yet, with continued improvement and more confidence gained, Smith is hoping that isn’t too far away.

000 Abby Smith

OTHERS: Kacy-Lee Black (Junior Formula 500s), Amanda Chaffey (Junior Formula 500s), Ashleigh Moller (Junior Sedans and Speedway Karts), Jackalyn Lyons (Junior Sedans), Chloe Lebeter (Junior Sedans), Imogen Sykes (Junior Sedans), Olivia Muscat (Junior Sedans), Allira Deen (Junior Sedans), Anna Harris (Junior Sedans), Bree Larsen (Junior Sedans), Tayissa Richters (Junior Sedans) and Chloe Bayfield (Junior Sedans).


Stevie Smith

The motorsport journey started for Smith in 2012, but it wasn’t in speedway instead it was in go karts on the tar circuits, which was where she competed for four years and won a pair of Australian Championship in the womens class.

With her dad, John, and older brother, Joshua, being former speedway competitors, Smith made the move into speedway three years ago via the Junior Sedan class. Since stepping into speedway, after a tough steep learning curve in her first season, which saw her finish 11th in the Tasmanian point score and picked up the Rookie of the Year honours, Smith has gone from strength to strength.

In just her second season in Junior Sedans (2018-19 season), Smith, who was running a brand-new Daihatsu Charade, she won a total of 12 feature races, 24 heat-race wins, and finished inside the top-five of that season’s Tasmanian Title. Apart from dominating the Tasmanian series, she won the chief steward’s award, and picked up the most feature-race wins of any sedan class in Tasmania for the season.

Heading into last season, Smith was boosted by the sponsorship support of Chas Kelly Transport and Transport Equipment Hire. Despite not being able to repeat her success in Junior Sedans from the previous season, Smith never stopped trying. Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Smith is confident of returning to front-running form, and she is going to armed with a brand-new Daihatsu Charade.

000 Stevie Smith

Photo: Angryman Photography

Karlia Riley

Starting in Junior Sedans in 2017 at the age of 10, Karlia has been steadily improving throughout her three seasons racing in Tasmania.

000 Karlia Riley

The daughter of leading Tasmanian Street Stock racer Dale Riley Jnr, Karlia has just come off her best season in Junior Sedans. Moving into the Top Stars category, she recorded her first feature-race podium result in February of this year and managed to make the Tasmanian Title deciding feature race for first the time in her career after finishing second behind her cousin Makaila in the B main. Unfortunately, during the Tasmanian Title feature race, both Karlia and Makaila were involved in the same incident that resulted in them failing to finish.

When it comes to Makaila, she stepped into speedway racing at the same time as Karlia. Makaila is the daughter of Dale Jnr’s brother Andrew. Starting in Speedway Karts, which she raced for one season, she moved into Junior Sedans. Over the past two seasons in Junior Sedans, like her cousin, Makaila has improved quite a lot in the New Stars category and is now a regular front-running threat.

Maikla Riley

Hannah and Claire Coleman

Following her older sister Claire into Junior Sedans, Hannah Coleman has been competing in Junior Sedans for a total of four seasons and the Coleman surname has been involved in the class for five seasons.

The Coleman siblings have had their fair share of ups and downs in Junior Sedans, but they have certainly had a lot of fun being able to enjoy their passion for speedway together out on the track.

When it comes to highlights, Claire holds that honour following her top-five finish in the Tasmanian Title of the 2017-18 season, while Hannah has been in the wars and endured her fair share of bad luck, which has included a total of five rollovers.

Despite their Junior Sedan careers coming to an end last season, the Coleman sisters are now assessing their next move in speedway. Last season, Claire scored an impressive second-place finish in the annual Queen of Carrick event for Street Stocks at Carrick Speedway.

0000 Hannah and Claire

OTHERS: Taylah Jetson (Junior Sedans), Hannah Burford (Junior Sedans), Shae-Lee Zeiten (Junior Sedans), Ebonie Tubb (Junior Sedans), Kari Reid (Junior Sedans), Maddison Price (Junior Sedans), Chloe Smith (Junior Sedans), Sharni Farrell (Junior Sedans), Kiara McKercher (Junior Sedans), Stephanie Howell (Junior Sedans) and Mackenzie Williams (Junior Sedans)

New South Wales

Kendall Alcorn

Starting her racing career on two wheels in dirt track motorcycles from the ages of between seven and 11, Kendall moved into speedway competition via Speedway Karts.

After her time in Speedway Karts, Alcorn, whose dad Chris and brother Royden are currently racing V8 Dirt Modifieds, moved into Junior Formula 500s and has been racing there for the past two seasons.

Alcorn has now finished her time in Junior Formula 500s and is now setting her sights on senior competition in Formula 500s and joining her dad and brother in the V8 Dirt Modified ranks.

000 Kendall Alcorn

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

Charlotte Fouracre

Fouracre, from Goulburn in NSW, has been driving utes and motorbikes around on her farm since an early age but there was always that urge to go faster! She had asked if she could race motor bikes, but her dad wouldn’t agree as she had already spent several years learning to play the violin.

So back in early 2017 as a 13-year-old, she told my parents that she wanted to race speedway via the Junior Sedans. To her surprise they were supportive of her suggestion and her dad, who is also a mechanic, was quite excited about this new challenge. On the other hand, her mum was all about the safety, but it didn’t take much to get her on board, too. The family then started seriously looking for a Junior Sedan.

The family ended up purchasing a well-built Daihatsu Charade that Ardie Jonic had just won the Tasmanian SSA Junior Sedan Title in and she was excited to be on her way to joining the speedway ranks. She completed her Speedway Australia driver training with Doc Bailey at Canberra’s ACT Speedway and then begun racing in the latter part of the 2017-18 season. Right from the first race meeting, she was made to feel welcome and there was always plenty of encouragement and advice from the other more seasoned drivers and their families.

Fouracre’s approach to racing is to focus on the development of driving skills, study the characteristics of the different tracks and how those tracks change over the course of the night and of course learn strategic race craft. Like most young and inexperienced speedway drivers out on the track, she has executed her share of interesting manoeuvres. It’s funny now as one of the older Junior Sedan competitors, she sees young drivers make the same mistakes out on the track that she has learned from. She believes that when your skill and confidence increase so will your speed.

Coming into Fouracre’s third race season in 2019-20, she was feeling really prepared for a great season. As the season unfolded, she had a handful of podium finishes and in December she travelled to Grafton Speedway for the NSW SSA Junior Sedan Title where I finished seventh in the feature race and was the top placing female driver. She was thrilled with the result as she was sharing the track with many talented and well-seasoned Junior Sedan drivers. Unfortunately, there were limited opportunities to race in 2020 and now because of her age she is down to her final months in Junior Sedans.

Fouracre can’t thank her parents enough for all their ongoing support. Without their commitment she wouldn’t have been able to participate in this exciting sport. Now as she is at the end of her time in the Junior Sedans, she is currently considering her options in a few different forms of racing as her passion for motorsport continues to grow.

000 Charlotte Fouracre

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

Shanae Smith

With two seasons in RSA Junior Sedans to her name, Smith has now stepped out of the class and is now preparing for her first season in National 4s Sedans as a senior competitor.

The 17-year-old started in RSA Junior Sedans at the beginning of the 2018-19 season aboard a Daihatsu Applause and raced it again just this season gone. A regular podium contender, Smith had her run last season come to an early end due to a big crash in the Daihatsu Applause. Fortunately, she was able to finish the season with the loan of a Toyota Corolla Junior Sedan.

Last season, apart from a few minor podium finishes, the highlight of her final season in the RSA Junior Sedans was her 11th place finish in the Australian Title at Lismore Speedway.

Smith, whose dad Paul is a former Victorian and Queensland Champion in AMCA Nationals, is now busy building a new race car in readiness for the upcoming season and her next challenge of National 4s Sedans.

Shanae Smith

Annie Dalton

Dalton last season ventured into RSA Junior Sedans for the very first time, but it only saw her run a handful of race meetings due to the season being brought to a premature end because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Running a Daihatsu Charade, the 13-year-old is really looking forward to the upcoming season and being able to continue her learning curve.

Dalton’s dad, Darren, is currently racing Production Sedans, who has previously competed in Wingless Sprints and Modified Sedans.

Annie Dalton

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

Chelsea Essai

Coming from go karts on the tar circuits from age seven to 10, Essai was destined to be a speedway racer as she was two seconds quicker in the wet on the tar circuits. At the age of 13, she made the move into RSA Junior Sedans.

Just this season gone, Essai had a mixed run, which included her destroying her car in her first season, but her season was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak, which saw the cancellation of both the NSW and ACT Titles.

After four seasons in RSA Junior Sedans, Essai is this coming season going to be running her final season in the class, before she makes the move into the senior ranks via Compact Speedcars.

Chelsea Essai

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

OTHERS: Sophie Santin (RSA / SSA Junior Sedans) and Kailee Rose (RSA Junior Sedans)

South Australia

Kirra-Lee Pitcher

Starting in Junior Sedans at the age of 10, Pitcher, running a Toyota Corolla, spent her first three seasons gaining experience and growing in confidence. Despite some ups and downs during this period, she never stopped trying.

Upgrading her Toyota Corolla to a Mitsubishi Lancer two seasons ago, Pitcher has gone from strength to strength, where she has gone from just making up the numbers to being a genuine front-running contender in her home state.

With her two older sisters, twins Tamika and Sharni, now competing in Wingless Sprints after graduating out of Junior Sedans, Pitcher has her eyes on following in their tyre tracks in the future.

000 Kirra Lee Pitcher

Chelsea Gwynne

Like a lot of Junior Sedan racers, they come from a speedway background, and Gwynne is no different.

With her dad, Bernard, being a former Super Sedan racer, along with him and his brother (Robert) competing in off-road events around the state of South Australia, and two of her cousins being former Junior Sedan racers, Gwynne is proud to be continuing the family’s rich history in the sport, and most importantly of all, she is loving every minute of it.

Chelsea Gwynne

Caitlyn Gilding

Gilding is a third season Junior Sedan racer from the town of Kanmantoo in country South Australia.

Starting in Junior Sedans at age 13, Gilding has competed a lot in the state of Victoria, and a highlight of this period was her second-place finish in the Neville Pike Cup at Laang Speedway running in the New Star class.

In recent seasons, the going has been a little tougher in Junior Sedans for Gilding, but the 16-year-old remains optimistic about continuing her learning curve in her final season in Junior Sedans that is going to be this coming season.

0000 Caitlyn Gilding

OTHERS: Kiera Nagyidai (Junior Sedans) and Shakiera Faux (Junior Sedans)

Northern Territory

Ciara Parry

Parry is one of the few females currently racing Junior Sedans in Darwin, but despite this fact, she certainly holds her own out on the track. By virtue of her consistency throughout the 2019 season, she ended up third in the Northline Speedway Track Championship for the Junior Sedan ranks. It was a shame that Parry was denied of being able to run the 2020 season at Northline Speedway due to coronavirus outbreak seeing their entire season cancelled.

Ciara Parry

Photo: Sphynx Photography

OTHERS: Macey Hayes (Junior Sedans), Leah Driver (Junior Sedans), Natasha Tebeck (Junior Sedans), Jessica Foley (Junior Sedans) and Allysha Tregea (Junior Sedans).