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Welcome to the weekly series Generation Next, which highlights the young talent (under the age of 30) coming through the ranks. This week’s Generation Next spotlight are the Modified Sedans.

Brodie Boss (Qld)

During his time in Junior Sedans, Boss (pictured right) certainly wasn’t one of the standouts, but he stood up to be counted once he moved into Modified Sedans.

The 22-year-old burst onto the Modified Sedan scene in impressive fashion and at the conclusion of his maiden season in the 2014-15, he had won the Queensland Title and ran fourth in the National Title.

Following his outstanding debut season, Boss romped to victory in the 2017 National Title from the back of the field at Murray Bridge Speedway in South Australia. However, this outstanding drive was spoiled by him being disqualified due to a breach discovered during post-race scrutineering.

Since his 2017 National Title disappointment, Boss has run limited race meetings, which included a brief stint in Super Sedans, but in the 2019 National Title at Kingaroy Speedway, he finished in fourth.

Over the years Boss has proven to be one of the country’s best Modified Sedan racers and we are confident that the best is yet to come from him.

Kye Walters (Vic)

After his Junior Sedan career finished up, Walters jumped into Modified Sedans and took to it like a duck to water.

Walters has spent a total of five seasons in Modified Sedans and during this period won plenty of major events around the country, such as the 2019 National Title – after finishing second the season prior – and this year’s Kings Royal event.

There is no doubt that this 22-year-old has plenty left to achieve in Modified Sedans, and that is certainly an exciting prospect.

0000 Kye Walters MS

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

The Smith Brothers (Qld)

After successful careers in Junior Sedans, the Smith brothers, Tim (25) and Matty (21 - pictured below), have made their mark during their brief time in Modified Sedans.

Out of the two siblings, it’s Matty that has come away with the biggest wins so far in Modified Sedans, with him the beneficiary of Boss’s misfortune during the running of the 2017 National Title. Matty created Speedway Sedans Australia history by becoming the youngest ever winner of a senior National Title. On top of his National Title win, the following season, Matty romped to victory in the Kings Royal event.

Despite not racing a whole in recent seasons, the Smith duo are eager to come back bigger and better. When it comes to their rivals, that’s quite a scary prospect.

0000 Matty Smith MS

Tim Weir (Qld)

Long regarded as the country’s leading National 4s Sedans competitor, Weir has certainly held his own during his brief stints in Modified Sedans.

Driving the David Clarkson-owned Clarko’s Performance supported XE Ford Falcon, the 29-year-old scored a major upset by winning last year’s Queensland Modified Sedan Title at Gympie’s Mothar Mountain Speedway in impressive fashion.

Running an older model car certainly hasn’t stopped Weir from mixing it with the best in the business when it comes to Modified Sedans.

0000 Tim Weir MS

The Atkins Brothers (Vic)

The Atkins brothers, Brock and Todd, both moved into Modified Sedans with National Junior Sedan Title wins to their names.

With their parents, Kellie and Greg, being long-time Modified Sedan supporters, it was only natural that both Brock (21) and Todd (17 - pictured below) would step into Modified Sedans. Brock has run a total of four seasons in the class, while Todd has just completed his first full season. Despite their time in Modified Sedans not yielding too much success just yet, the highlight so far was Brock’s effort to qualify on pole position for the 2018 National Title and went on to finish the feature race in sixth.

The Atkins brothers have shown plenty of speed since moving into Modified Sedans and a major win for either of them won’t be too far off.

0000 Todd Atkins MS

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

Cameron Waters (Vic)

The current Supercars star has a love for his speedway racing, in particularly Modified Sedans.

Growing up around speedway with his dad Chris, who finished on the podium in the 1999 National Modified Sedan Title, the 26-year-old started getting his speedway fix in Late Models and then moved into Modified Sedans with car owner Travis Shore.

The Waters and Shore combination has only run a handful of race meetings over the past four seasons, which has been highlighted when they scored an outstanding win in the 2018 National Title at Horsham’s Blue Ribbon Raceway in Victoria.

Albeit still on a casual basis, there is no doubt that we will be seeing more of Waters.

0000 Cameron Waters MS

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

Nick Cockerill (Vic)

The 25-year-old is rated as one of the country’s leading Modified Sedan racers since stepping into the class on a regular basis four seasons ago.

Cockerill, who won the 2012 National Junior Sedan Champion, rates his standout results in Modified Sedans so far as his third-place finish in the 2017 National Title, a second-place in the 2018 Victorian Title, and winning the 2017 VMPA Series with Kye Walters in what was a joint point standings win.

When it comes to Cockerill, he’s certainly a driver that’s not to be taken lightly.

0000 Nick Cockerill MS

Photo: Shayne T Wright

Brody Chrystie (Vic)

Chrystie has been competing in Modified Sedans for nine seasons now and is rated as one of his home state’s front-running contenders.

Stepping into Modified Sedans out of Junior Sedans, the 26-year-old has finished on the podium in a Victorian Title and been a regular at a VMPA Series level but there is no question that he is eager to add to his list of achievements.

0000 Brody Chrystie MS

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

Daniel Simpson (Vic)

The highlight of Simpson’s eight seasons in Modified Sedans so far is without a doubt his 2019 Victorian Title win.

At the age of 28, Simpson, who has been a front runner in his home state and apart from his Victorian Title triumph has picked up VMPA Series round wins, has plenty of time on his hands and he is hoping to add to his Victorian Title success.

0000 Daniel Simpson MS

Matt Nelson (Vic)

Nelson is rated as one of the country’s most versatile speedway sedan racers and one of those classes that he currently runs is Modified Sedans.

The 25-year-old certainly knows how to put on a show, and he has demonstrated his fair share of front-running pace. The highlight so far for Nelson during his time so far in Modified Sedans is his 2017 VMPA Series round win, which doubled as the Ern Overall Memorial, at Ballarat’s Redline Raceway.

0000 Matt Nelson MS

The Galley Brothers (Vic)

The Galley surname is synonymous within the Modified Sedan ranks, with Bryan Galley being a regular competitor for nearly three decades. It was no surprise when Bryan’s son Ty followed in his tyre tracks into Modified Sedans.

Despite not competing as much as he would like over the years due to budget restraints, Ty is certainly an exciting racer to watch. When he enters a race, he is either all or nothing, which tends to earn him a mixed bag when it comes to results. In terms of results, he is a former VMPA Series point standings winner and won numerous other VMPA Series rounds since coming out of Junior Sedans nearly a decade ago.

Currently at the age of 27, Galley is hoping to run with the country’s best racers for many seasons to come and continue the family tradition in Modified Sedans.

Speaking of family traditions, Ty’s younger brother, Luke, aged 23, is planning to join the Modified Sedan ranks shortly.

0000 Ty Galley

Ricky Cornwall (Vic)

Cornwall might be a newcomer to Modified Sedans, but he has shown that it won’t be too long until he is amongst the front runners.

A graduate out of Junior Sedans, the 18-year-old moved into senior competition by choosing the Modified Sedan class. With a considerable learning curve ahead of him, Cornwall showed plenty of promise throughout his debut season in Modified Sedans.

0000 Ricky Cornwall MS

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

Rachel Pratt (Vic)

After four seasons in Modified Sedans, Pratt continues to improve with every outing on the east coast.

Pratt, aged 23, enjoyed her best campaign in Modified Sedans last season, which was highlighted by her winning a heat race during the NSW Title at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway and narrowly missing out on a berth into the King’s Royal feature race at Kingaroy Speedway in Queensland.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Pratt can’t wait to get back out there and continue to grow as a racer.

0000 Rachel Pratt MS

Photo: Shayne T Wright

Brooke Ferguson (Vic)

With eight seasons in Street Stocks, Ferguson recently announced her move into Modified Sedans for the upcoming season.

Purchasing a Holden Commodore from Queenslander Brodie Boss, the 24-year-old is excited about her latest challenge in the form of joining the highly competitive Modified Sedans.

0000 Brooke Ferguson MS

Max Clarke (NSW)

When it comes to the name Max Clarke, it’s hard to not associate it with his sensational 2011 come-from-behind National Title success at Lismore Speedway.

Since that National Title win, Clarke has been unable to repeat a similar performance, but he has certainly been right up on there on more than the odd occasion.

The best thing about speedway, on a lot of occasions, the older you get the better you become. Currently at the age of 29, Clarke has plenty of time on his side to taste more National Title success.

0000 Max Clarke

Photo: Tony Powell Speedway Photos

Matt Stevenson (NSW)

After stepping into Modified Sedans two seasons ago, Stevenson has shown enough promise to indicate that he will be amongst the front runners sooner rather than later.

Following in the tyre tracks of his Modified Sedan racing dad Greg, the 25-year-old is enthusiastic about the future and getting the chance to compete at major events, such the National Title and the King’s Royal, to help grow his experience.

0000 Matt Stevenson MS

Photo: 44 Photography

Josh Harm (Qld)

Splitting his time between Production Sedans and Modified Sedans in recent seasons, Harm is certainly one busy racer.

Rated as one of the country’s best Production Sedan racers, the 28-year-old is aiming to develop a similar reputation in Modified Sedans, after joining the class towards the second half of the 2018-19 season. There is no doubt that his Production Sedan experience is helping him become more a serious threat in Modified Sedans.

0000 Josh Harm MS

Rachel Hawkins (Qld)

Hawkins made the move into Modified Sedans last season following time spent in a range of other sedan classes.

The 22-year-old’s first season in the highly competitive class of Modified Sedan class was a massive learning curve but one that she thoroughly enjoyed.

Heading into this coming season, Hawkins is focused on becoming more competitive and moving closer to the pointy end of the field.

0000 Rachel Hawkins MS

Ash Volk (Qld)

The son of long-time Modified Sedan racer Lee Volk, this 29-year-old has so far completed a total of two seasons in Modified Sedans.

Under the guidance of his experienced dad, who he shares the Holden Commodore with, Volk is enjoying the challenge of competing in the Modified Sedans in his home state of Queensland.

0000 Ash Volk

Alex Sweeney (Qld)

Another graduate out of Junior Sedan, Sweeney boasts a total of two seasons in Modified Sedans.

Moving from Junior Sedans directly into Modified Sedans certainly hasn’t been an easy task, but the 19-year-old racer is committed to developing into a front-running contender sooner rather than later.

0000 Alex Sweeney MS

Photo: Lone Wolf Photography

Brad Herbert (Tas)

Herbert is rated as one of Tasmania’s leading Modified Sedan racers and it’s seen him pick up a lot of the feature-race wins, which includes the 2018 Tasmanian Title.

After three seasons in Modified Sedans, following time spent in Wingless Sprints and before that Junior Sedans, the 26-year-old has achieved everything there is in his home state. Far from being a home-state hero, Herbert has ventured over to the mainland on a few occasions, and it saw him record a top-10 finish in the 2018 National Title. One thing that is for sure, he is hungry to get over to mainland more to grow as a racer running with the country’s best Modified Sedan racers.

0000 Brad Herbert

The Jetson Brothers (Tas)

With a strong pedigree in Junior Sedans, which includes Tasmanian Title success, the Jetson brothers Jakobe (pictured below) and Corey are excited about their futures in Modified Sedans.

Jakobe, aged 18, after two seasons in Modified Sedans has quickly developed into a front-running contender, while his older brother Corey, aged 23, is this coming season set to make his debut in the Modified Sedan class after moving out of Street Stocks.

0000 Jakobe Jetson MS

Joshua Stephens (Tas)

Stephens has been racing Modified Sedans in his home state of Tasmania for seven seasons now following him graduating out of Junior Sedans.

In Modified Sedans, the 25-year-old has developed into a consistent front-running contender and has picked up a handful of feature-race wins in the process.

0000 Joshua Stephens

The Fraser Brothers (WA)

Branden Fraser enjoyed his career best campaign last season, which saw him claim the Western Australian Title and WA Series point standings winning double.

Fraser, aged 24, has run a total of four seasons in Modified Sedans and is excited about running many more. Last season, Fraser’s younger brother, 22-year-old Luke, has joined the Modified Sedans and his best result was a sixth in the Western Australian Title. He is now looking forward to getting amongst the action this coming season on a more regular basis.

0000 Branden Fraser MS

Paul Stevens (WA)

Stevens (pictured below chasing after his older sister Coby Stevens) have been running Modified Sedans around the state of Western Australia for three seasons now after moving from Production Sedans.

The 25-year-old’s career highlight so far occurred at Kalgoorlie International Speedway during last season’s Western Australian Title, when he finished on the podium in third ahead of his older sister Coby Stevens.

Heading into next season, Stevens is looking to build on what was his best season to date in Modified Sedans.

0000 Paul and Coby Stevens

Photo: Carpe Diem Photography

Jayke Malcolm (WA)

Malcom is one of the newest faces in the Modified Sedan class in Western Australia.

With a solid list of achievements in Junior Sedans, which includes a Western Australian Title minor podium finish in 2015, it certainly didn’t take the 20-year-old long to get his head around Modified Sedans and he quickly became a top-five contender.

0000 Jayke Malcolm MS

Photo: Travis Petford

Jarrod Rick (WA)

Yet another Junior Sedan graduate, Rick is a regular on the Modified Sedan scene in Western Australia.

The 25-year-old has six seasons under his belt in Modified Sedans and is a proven podium contender. In terms of a career highlight so far, Rick’s best performance has been a seventh-place finish in the 2016 Western Australian Title.

0000 Jarrod Rick MS

Photo: Jon Gall Photography

Kathryn Harper (WA)

Running Modified Sedans for two seasons now, to say that Harper is passionate about her speedway racing would be quite the understatement.

Being based in the northern part of Western Australia, the 25-year-old bounced back from a serious crash in her Production Sedan in 2018 at Collie Speedway down in the south of her home state and stepped into Modified Sedans. Harper has indicated that she is going to venture back down south and ironically contest this coming season’s Western Australian Title at Collie Speedway.

0000 Kathryn Harper MS

Photo: Jon Gall Photography

OTHERS: Corey Stein (Qld), Thomas Fuller (Qld), Jordan Cunningham (Qld), Jake Hawkins (Qld), Robert Nelson (NSW), Brodie Piper (Tas), Tomas Hext (Tas), Calon Ball (WA) and Ash Baker (WA).