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For the 2020-21 season, there are the latest bunch of Junior Sedan graduates around the country preparing for – or already commenced – their forays into the senior ranks of speedway competition. Totally Speedway’s Daniel Powell has put together this feature article profiling all of these teenage racers.


Hayden Brims

As a third generation Super Sedan racer, Brims can’t wait to continue the family’s legacy in one of speedway’s premier classes. After finishing up in Junior Sedans last season following a competitive period, Brims, who is the son of Wayne Brims and the grandson of the late Ross Brims, has plenty of experienced people behind him for his step into Super Sedans and that is no doubt going to help him showcase his talent. Recently, Brims ran a practice event at Lismore Speedway in what was his first outing aboard the NSW # 111 Super Sedan.

0000 Hayden Brims Copy

Photo: Shaq's Speedway Pics

Braith Hogan

After a solid final season in Junior Sedans, which was highlighted by winning the NSW Title at Grafton Speedway, Hogan decided to continue his speedway career in Street Stocks. Hogan plans to start out in Street Stocks aboard an AU Ford Falcon and run it for the foreseeable future. However, his long-term plans are to move into the Production Sedan class.

0000 Braith Hogan JS

Mason Pammenter

With his mum and dad, Cathy and Rodney, along with older brother Mitch, running in the Modlites class, it was inevitable that upon graduating out of Junior Sedans, Mason would join them. Apart from his family members, Mason also has to contend with plenty of rivals in one of the country’s toughest classes.

0000 Mason Pammenter

Charlotte Christensen

Running a EL Ford Falcon, Christensen has made the move into senior competition via Production Sedans. With Production Sedans regarded as one of the most competitive classes, she is definitely going to have her work cut out for her, but that is a challenge she is looking forward to. After two seasons in Junior Sedans, Christensen is now focused on developing as a racer in Production Sedans, and who knows, she might be seen behind the wheel of her dad Dale’s Super Sedan down the track.

0000 Charlotte Christensen

Western Australia

Blake Iwanow

To say that Iwanow enjoyed a successful period in Junior Sedan would be quite the understatement. Over his five years in Junior Sedans, he won countless of feature races, along with a pair of Western Australian Titles in his final two seasons. Late last season, Iwanow followed his older brother, Matt, into Wingless Sprints and he has taken to it very well by virtue of quickly developing into a front-running contender.

0000 Blake Iwanow

Darryl George

Like Iwanow, George has made the move into Wingless Sprints. Over the past two months, he has run two race meetings and took part in numerous practice runs, and he is looking forward to learning the ropes of not only Wingless Sprints but running amongst the senior level of competition.

0000 Darryl George

Bryden Southwell

After a stint period in Junior Sedans, Southwell has graduated into the Street Stock class. When it comes to Street Stocks, the state of Western Australia is the toughest in the country and it makes for the perfect learning curve for Southwell. It’s certainly not going to be easy for Southwell but it’s one that he is excited about.

0000 Bryden Southwell

Photo: Peter Roebuck


Jye Irving

The son of Donald ‘Hoody’ Irving is following in the tyre tracks of his dad and is entering the world of Street Stocks. Irving is stepping into the VY Holden Commodore that was steered by his dad and he can’t wait to hit the track – being based in Victoria, he can’t be sure when that will be. Irving’s time in Junior Sedans, which saw him record a lot of solid performances in the latter stages of his time in the class, is going to hold him in good stead for the move into Street Stocks.

0000 Jye Irving

Kasey Ferguson

Towards the end of last season, Ferguson graduated out of Junior Sedans and then went on to enjoy her first taste of Street Stock racing. Heading into her first full season in Street Stocks, she is hoping to learn the ropes and develop into a competitive racer. Although the move into one of the country’s toughest states when it comes to Street Stocks, Ferguson has some handy support in her corner with sister Brooke and mum Karen. Both Brooke and Karen have a lot of experience with Brooke racing Street Stocks for the past six seasons and this season has moved into Modified Sedans, while Karen has shown her ability behind the wheel of various speedway sedans over the past three decades.

0000 Kasey Ferguson

Darcy Wilson

Wilson is planning to run his final season in Junior Sedans and farewell the class during this season’s National Junior Sedan Title at Canberra’s ACT Speedway. With plans being up in the air with speedway, especially when it comes to Victoria, for this season, Wilson is excited about his move into senior competition via the Modified Sedan class towards the end of the season after his family purchased a FGX Ford Falcon from TriTech Lubricants proprietor Perry McCowatt.

0000 Darcy Wilson JS

South Australia

Brad Gartner

The biggest move out of Junior Sedans this season is without question Gartner’s massive leap into Late Models. A proven talent over six seasons in Junior Sedans, Gartner, who spent last season on the sidelines, has picked up an opportunity to drive the second car for Late Model stalwart Mat Crimmins. So far, he has run only practice meeting and the season opener at Murray Bridge Speedway, and he is only going to become more competitive with more track time.

0000 Brad Gartner

Ryan Harry

In a similar tale to that of fellow South Australian Brad Gartner, Harry sat out last season after graduating from Junior Sedans and he is now hungry to commence his speedway career in senior competition. Harry has chosen to move into Formula 500s, and the original season plans were to run between his home state and Victoria; however, with the current border restrictions, it looks like Harry will be doing the majority of his debut season in his home state.

0000 Ryan Harry


Abbi Smith

Heading into this season after moving out of Junior Sedans, Smith had the opportunity to continue her speedway career via either Tassie Sixes or Formula 500s, and she chose the Formula 500s class. In what is going to be her first foray into open wheelers, Smith, who has two seasons in Junior Sedans to her name, is grateful for the opportunity and determined to grab this chance with both hands.

0000 Abbi Smith

Braiden Russell

Coming from a long list of family members involved with the sport of speedway, Russell has for this season made the jump out of Junior Sedans into Street Stocks. After dipping his toe into the water of speedway via Junior Sedans and went on to develop into a top-five contender. For his debut campaign in Street Stocks, Russell will be running a VT Holden Commodore and he is determined to make a good fist of things as he adds to the Russell family legacy.

0000 Braith Russell

Lucas Dickenson

After time spent in Go Karts on the tar circuits, Dickenson four seasons ago made the step into Junior Sedans and joining his older brother Ellis out on the track. Dickenson is hoping that his four years in Junior Sedans is going to help his move into the Street Stocks. For his debut season in senior competition, Dickenson is going to be campaigning a VY Holden Commodore and is hoping to consistently improve throughout the season and move his way closer to the pointy-end of the field.

0000 Lucas Dickenson

Photo: Angryman Photography

Hannah Burford

Following an impressive single season in Junior Sedans last season, which saw her finish with a top-10 result in the Tasmanian Title and the Latrobe Speedway Rookie of the Year honours, Burford made the move into Tassie Sixes for this season. She recently had a shakedown run in her Tassie Sixes machine during a practice meeting at Carrick Speedway and is now awaiting the start of the 2020-21 season.

0000 Hannah Burford

Jacob McKercher

McKercher is looking forward his debut season in senior competition via the Tassie Sixes class following the completion of his time in Junior Sedans. The goal in the competition Tassie Sixes class for McKercher is to stay out of harm’s way and make his way towards becoming competitive.

0000 Jacob McKercher

Stephanie Howard

Another driver to enter the Tassie Sixes ranks is Howard and she is hoping to fall back on her experience in Junior Sedans throughout her debut season and continue her speedway career.

0000 Stephanie Howard

New South Wales

For this season, it’s unfortunate that there are no Junior Sedan graduates to come out of the state of NSW. Unlike the rest of the country, NSW is run under two sanctioning bodies: RSA and SSA, which is hurting the growth of Junior Sedans. On a positive note, the nearby ACT, Canberra’s ACT Speedway (pictured below) is set to host this season’s National SSA Junior Sedan Title, which will hopefully attract drivers from around the country and aid the growth of Junior Sedans in NSW and the ACT.

0000 ACT Speedway 01