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This week, it’s been nine years since the death of Junior Sedan talent Michael Gorman, and we thought it’d be appropriate to republish the tribute Totally Speedway’s Daniel Powell wrote to Gorman back in early October 2011.

Michael ‘Gormo’ Gorman

1994 to 2011

 You were taken from this world in tragic and unfair circumstances, but your memory will always remain.

As a speedway racer, there was certainly no driver that was more respected. Your record as a racer was quite unbelievable and there was not a more consistent Junior Sedan racer in the country.

To everyone that you met, you left a lasting impression. There was not a single person that had a bad word to say about you.

Although you left this world well before your time, obviously, the man upstairs had other plans for you. I know that there are many that would agree that on this occasion, the man upstairs got a bit too greedy.

The speedway up in heaven has received yet another super star racer to the feature race field. There is no doubt that they will benefit from not only having a great racer, but an even better person.

17 years of age is too young and of course unfair to be taken from this wonderful world, but ‘Gormo’, you lived your short life to the max.

Your love for speedway was clearly evident. You were one of the best to ever step into a junior sedan and your knowledge of the sport in general was second to none. You lived and breathed the sport and it certainly brought out the best in you.

You had the respect of everyone that you came across and that is something that is hard to achieve in life, for anyone, no matter what you do in life.

It sucks that you were taken well before your time, but it’s comforting that, in such a short space of time, you touched so many lives in your own special way.

As they say, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!

R.I.P, Gormo.

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