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Dear, valued followers. In April of this year, www.totallyspeedway.com.au made some significant changes to its business model by moving to a subscription based news and feature article format.


This move was met with plenty of support but also plenty of negative feedback. When it came to the latter, there was plenty of spiteful feedback, which was totally uncalled for; however, this is the age we live in where the internet gives everyone the so called right to an opinion.

Totally Speedway is committed to moving with the times, which is something the sport of speedway has struggled with at times over the years. As much as we loved producing Totally Speedway as a printed publication, it was no longer viable to do so, which saw the magazine cease in this format in April of 2015.
We here at Totally Speedway are committed to bringing you unique and informative content when it comes to the Australian speedway industry - either here or abroad.
With Totally Speedway changing its format in the middle of a world-wide crisis, it wasn't an ideal time. However, as the saying goes, never let a good crisis go to waste.
Finally, on behalf of everyone involved in Totally Speedway, I'd like to thank everyone for all of their continued support. We appreciate it so much. The support we have received has been quite overwhelming at times.
If you haven't already, be sure to check out www.totallyspeedway.com.au
Daniel Powell
Publisher and Editor of Totally Speedway