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Following the purchase of the Avon Valley Speedway lease late last year, Rick Musarra is excited about the facility’s future and he has confirmed plans to reopen the track for the beginning of the 2021-22 season.

In recent years, the Avon Valley Speedway, which is located 96 kilometres southwest of Perth in Western Australia, has endured a chequered history with more race meetings cancelled than actually ran by the previous promotional team, but with the new consortium led by Musarra, the 400-metre Speedway Australia affiliated track is set to undergo a major upgrade.

“Since we have purchased the lease, we have been working behind the scenes to tie everything together, but we have a lot of plans in place to upgrade the entire facility,” enthused Musarra (pictured below).

“The entire facility needs a lot of work done to it to bring it up to the standard that is expected in this day and age.”

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Photo: Travis Petford

Musarra continued on by saying that there were no plans in place to rush the upgrades through to reopen in readiness for this current season.

“I’ve been asked about why we aren’t running this season, but we are committed to doing the upgrades properly and not rushing anything through in order to just open the track,” he said.

“Avon Valley is a speedway track that has a lot of potential and we are very excited about this fact, but we also want to focus on bringing the entire facility up to a high standard and not compromising on that goal.”

In late December last year, it was announced that Northam Motorplex Pty Ltd consortium had purchased the lease of Avon Valley Speedway from the Shire of Northam council. This new consortium is led by leading Production Sedan racer Rick Musarra, and it includes one of the country’s most versatile speedway racers Jamie Oldfield as part of the consortium’s promotional arm.

As a successful businessman, Musarra, who recently purchased race car parts supplier Keenquip to complement his RPM WA Distributors business, is committed to the future of the Avon Valley Speedway track and that certainly buoys well for the future. It’s been a rocky period for Avon Valley Speedway over the past decade but Musarra and the rest of consortium are committed to turn that around.

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