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It has certainly been an up and down 2019-20 season. Totally Speedway’s Daniel Powell has gone out and put together his Top 10 driver rankings for the 360 Sprintcars. 

1: Mark Caruso (SA)
Firstly, during this season’s Australian Championship at Simpson Speedway in Victoria, Caruso just missed out on a podium spot after finishing in fourth, but the South Australian was the first of the regular 360 competitors amongst a field of 410 Sprintcar entrants. Secondly, he recorded a pair of All Stars Series round wins on his way to finishing fourth in the final point standings. It is these two achievements that have earned Caruso his spot at the top of this season’s rankings.    
2: Michael Tancredi (Vic)
Tancredi started this season’s All Stars Series in strong fashion by winning two out of the opening three rounds and then managed to maintain the point standings lead all the way through to the end. The two-time Victorian Champion’s point standings triumph was the highlight of his season, which also saw him finish 11th in the All Stars Challenge. However, he did not contest this season’s Australian Championship and in terms of these rankings it might have been the difference between the second spot and the top spot.  
TS Michael Tancredi
3: Jordyn Charge (Vic)
Although he might not have been a regular on the 360 Sprintcar scene throughout the season, Charge’s limited appearances were so impressive that he was unable to be denied of a spot in this season’s rankings. A second-place finish in the Australian Championship, a third-place finish in the All Stars Challenge and a victory in the Gold Cup event at Hamilton’s Western Speedway were the highlights of Charge’s season. 
TS Jordyn Charge
4: Daniel Evans (SA)
It was certainly a challenging season for Evans, but despite the hardship he never stopped trying. Campaigning the Douglas family-owned car for most of the season and then in his family-owned car, Evans scored two impressive achievements: second in the final All Stars Series point standings and ran fifth in the Australian Championship. Another solid result for Evans was his seventh-place finish in the All Stars Challenge.  
TS Daniel Evans
5: Brett Milburn (Vic)
As a 410 Sprintcar regular, Milburn only made a handful of 360 Sprintcar cameo appearances aboard the Phil and Sharon Seymour-owned car and came out on top in the biggest 360 Sprintcar event of the season: the Australian Championship. With the season being brought to a premature end due to coronavirus, Milburn was unable to contest the Triple Crown Series, which included a round doubling as the Victorian Title. 
TS Brett Milburn
Photo: Donna's Photos
6: Paul Solomon (Vic)
Solomon finished fifth in the final All Stars Series point standings and came away with top-10 finishes in both the Australian Championship (ninth) and All Stars Challenge (eighth), which is what earned him his spot in this season’s rankings. 
TS Paul Solomon
7: Brenten Farrer (Vic)
Despite focusing more on his 410 Sprintcar activities this season, Farrer had still achieved enough during his time in 360 Sprintcars to warrant a spot in these rankings. These achievements included an All Star Series round win, seventh in the Australian Championship and fifth in the All Stars Challenge.  
TS Brenten Farrer
Photo: Shayne T Wright
8: Jarman Dalitz (SA)
The South Australian-based racer was very consistent this season and a result he was rewarded with a third-place finish in the final All Stars Series point standings. In the final two All Stars Series rounds, he scored back-to-back minor podium finishes in a second and a third. Despite some misfortune denying him of a spot in the Australian Championship deciding feature race, he brought home a ninth-place finish in the All Stars Challenge. Another highlight of Dalitz’s season was his feature-race win during a club show event at Murray Bridge Speedway. 
TS Jarman Dalitz
Photo: Shayne T Wright
9: Chris Solomon (Vic)
During his limited 360 Sprintcar appearances throughout the season, Solomon was still a force to be reckoned with. At the Australian Championship, he finished in eighth, while in the All Stars Challenge, he narrowly missed out on a spot on the podium after finishing in fourth. 
TS Chris Solomon
10: Taylor Milling (WA) 
There might not have been a whole lot of 360 Sprintcar racing going on in Western Australia, but they still managed to hold this season’s Western Australian Title. In the Western Australian Title, the Kalgoorlie-based Milling proved too strong for his rivals by qualifying on pole position for the feature race and then going on the dominate the entire 25-lap journey.  
TS Taylor Milling

Photo: Mel Parker