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It has certainly been an up and down 2019-20 season. Totally Speedway’s Daniel Powell has gone out and put together his Top 5 driver rankings for the Microsprints.

1: Jackson Isaacs (NSW)
It was a banner season for Isaacs, and it resulted in him picking up the shortened Triple Crown Series point standings by running third and first in the second completed rounds of the inaugural series. Another season highlight for the youngster was finishing second in the Isaacs Memorial point standings.



2: Mitch Isaacs (NSW)
The veteran racer was competitive throughout the season and picked up two feature-race wins: Tamworth’s Oakburn Park Speedway (opening Triple Crown Series round) and Cullen Bullen Speedway (club show). In the final Triple Crown Series point standings, he ended up coming away with a second-place finish.

TS Mitch Isaacs



3: Ernie Havas (NSW)
Havas certainly endured a mixed season, but the former Australian Title holder, who also finished second in a club show at Cullen Bullen Speedway, still managed to come away with top-five finishes in both the final point standings of both the Triple Crown Series (fifth) and Isaacs Memorial (third).

TS Ernie Havas

Photo: Dirt Track Angel Photography


4: Gavin Byron (NSW)
Returning to the Microsprints class for the first time in 15 years, Byron showed plenty of speed during the season. The highlight performance of Byron’s comeback season was winning the Isaacs Memorial point standings, which included an impressive round win at Goulburn Speedway.

TS Gavin Byron



5: Jason Glynn (Qld)
Flying the flag high for Queensland, Glynn proved to be the fastest during the season that was cut short due to the coronavirus outback. In his limited appearances, he picked up three feature-race wins, which two took place at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway and the other at Gatton’s Lockyer Valley Speedway.

TS Jason Glynn