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Off the back of some great initial work from people on the west coast, the Outlaw Karts class is currently gathering a lot of momentum on the east coast, and one of the main people behind that is former NASCAR and V8 Supercar racer Owen Kelly.

Kelly, who has a long association with speedway via his dad and ex Grand National and Sprintcar racer Chas Kelly and also a sponsor through his main business Transport Equipment Hire of the country’s leading 410 Sprintcar team Krikke Motorsport, is very passionate of the growth of Outlaw Karts on the east coast.

“The Outlaw Karts are massive throughout America – both in junior and senior ranks, and I was keen to get the class up and running on the east coast here in Australia,” expressed Kelly, who is the proprietor of QRC Karts Australia.

“A lot of credit must go to Trevor Reynolds from the west coast, as he has been pushing the class and helped get it approved as a Speedway Australia class, and it’s allowed us to start the class over on the east coast.”

Kelly continued by saying that the Outlaw Karts class is going to play a pivotal role in the future of Australian speedway.

“I strongly believe that the Outlaw Karts are a stepping stone for racers and also a class that is going to allow people to get involved in the sport as a competitor on an entry level,” enthused Kelly.

“From the junior to the senior ranks, the Outlaw Karts have a bit of something for everybody, and I feel that is the reason it has been successful throughout America, and it’s certainly going to complement the Australian speedway industry.”

With Kelly being based in Victoria’s capital city of Melbourne, the focus for him has been on growing the Outlaw Karts class in the state of Victoria, but there is more than just slight enthusiasm coming from other states on the east coast.

10 5 2020 TS Owen Kelly

“Here in Victoria, we have had a lot of interest from both competitors and tracks and we will be going racing this coming season, so it’s all very exciting,” he said.

“NSW has recently got up and running, which is very encouraging as that state has a huge speedway following, but there has also been interest shown from Queensland.”

To say that the Outlaw Karts are gathering momentum on the east coast would be quite the understatement, and this class is quickly proving that it has the makings to positively impact the Australian speedway scene.