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With a lot of uncertainty currently surrounding the future of speedway in Sydney, a former owner of Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway has hit out about the whole situation.

Former Speedcar, Sprintcar and Compact Speedcar racer Rod Bowen, who co-owned Valvoline Raceway with Garry Rush, Brett Morris and Dennis Loudoun prior to Barry and Facility Waldron from Made Too Go Pty Ltd taking over the track’s ownership in June 2014, is still passionate about the sport’s future in Sydney.

“Speedway in the harbour city has been yearning for a world-class venue for many years, let’s see it come to fruition,” Bowen expressed via social media.

“We need to get rid of the diminutive attitudes and put our energy into making this (the move to Eastern Creek) something to be proud of.”

With the proposed site within the Eastern Creek motorsport precinct creating plenty of stir amongst the other motorsport categories, such as drag racing, that currently use the facility and are upset about speedway moving into the western-Sydney facility.

“I’m speedway through and through but some of what I’m reading (on social media) is such stupid crap,” commented a blunt Bowen, who has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinion.

“To bag another discipline of motorsport is not on. I’ve been to the drags on a few occasions and it’s quite entertaining and these racers love what they do. Don’t criticise a category that seems to have their act together. After all, we are (the ones) turning up cap in hand hoping to coexist.”

Bowen continued by saying that he is hopeful for the future of speedway in Sydney but with the right things in the right places.

“I will say that the logical place for a speedway is Eastern Creek, as I think it’s best to have all motorsport categories in the one precinct,” he said.

“What has to happen is the right people need to be in place to move the sport of speedway forward to a creditable level. After all, the drags have their home.”

TS Rod Bowen

Photo: Tony Loxley

Valvoline Raceway is heading into its swansong for the upcoming 2020-21 season, and a move is mooted to the Eastern Creek motorsport precinct for what is hoped for the 2021-22 season. However, nothing has been officially announced.

This morning, Totally Speedway’s Daniel Powell contacted Speedway Australia’s general manager Tim Savell for comment, but he remained tight lipped about speedway’s future in Sydney. However, he did say, that there are talks currently going on with the government regarding the hopeful formalisation of a deal for the speedway to move out to Eastern Creek.