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East Coast Pipeline Racing team manager and crew chief Nick Speed has today spoken out for the first time since last week’s sudden departure of long-time driver Robbie Farr.

Speed, who had spent a total of 17 years as crew chief for Farr with firstly the Titan Racing team for three years, then the Todd Wanless-owned ABC Auto Gear team for one year and finally with the East Coast Pipeline Racing team for 13 years, has declared the team has yet to make a decision on their 2020-21 season team driver.

“Since the news came to light that Farry was out of a ride, I have heard all sorts of rumours going around about the replacement driver, but nothing has been confirmed as yet,” stated Speed, who spoke with Totally Speedway this morning.

“Barry (Waldron) has been very busy outside of speedway in recent months renovating one of his pubs in the Queensland town of Roma during the coronavirus lockdown, and with everything that has been going on with Valvoline Raceway and its future, it’s been good for him to take a break from the speedway side of his businesses.”

When it comes to a replacement East Coast Pipeline Racing team driver, Speed was open and honest with his response.

“At the end of the day, the final decision of the driver is totally in Barry’s hands, and I’ll only have minimal input in that area, as my job is to continue to work on preparing the team for the season ahead,” said Speed.

“In all honesty, Barry isn’t too worried about a replacement driver right now, as he is too busy with the other sides of his business, but when he lets us know about the team’s new driver, we will be making an announcement.

“The only thing I said to Barry regarding a replacement driver, is that I’m wanting to work with a racer that is capable of winning on any given night and not one that is just going to wheel pack the track for the other drivers to race on.”

Speed said although the decision about Farr leaving the East Coast Pipeline Racing team caught him by surprise, he has enjoyed their time together

“Robbie and I have had a great 17 years together as driver and crew chief, and for me," he enthused.

"The highlights of our time together was winning the Grand Annual Classic in 2019, the time Robbie beat Steve Kinser for the win at Valvoline Raceway in 2014, and also Robbie and I going to race over in America back in 2009.”

Although the future driver is up in the air, one thing that is for certain, it’s business as usual heading into the 2020-21 season for the East Coast Pipelines Racing team, according to the team’s manager and crew chief.

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