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Welcome to the new weekly series called Generation Next, which highlights the young talent (under the age of 30) coming through the ranks. This week’s Generation Next spotlight is from the Sprintcar ranks.

Jayden Peacock (Qld)
After sitting on the sidelines last season, Peacock is set to make a return to competition in the 2020-21 season. The 2013 National Junior Sedan Champion has impressed during his limited runs in a Sprintcar over a period of four seasons, and the standout result for the 24-year-old racer was a sensational win in an Ultimate Sprintcar Championship round during the 2018-19 season at Toowoomba’s Hi-Tec Oils Speedway.


Lockie McHugh (Qld)
McHugh has achieved so much in such a short period in Sprintcars, which includes winning last season’s South Australian 410 Sprintcar Title, a preliminary feature race win in the Australian Open at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway during the 2016-17 season, and a top-five finish in the 2018 Australian 410 Sprintcar Championship. There is no doubt that we are going to be seeing a lot more of this 22-year-old around the country in the seasons to come.

Lockie McHugh

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Mitchell Gee (Qld)
During last season’s Grand Annual Classic, Gee stood up to be counted on the national scene and made the final night’s feature race and went on to finish 14th guest driving for the NSW- based Andrew Starkey Racing team. The 22-year-old has been running for various teams since stepping into Sprintcars after his time in V8 Dirt Modifieds during the 2014-15 season and has recorded his fair share of solid performances, which was highlighted by winning the 2018 Queensland 410 Sprintcar Title at Archerfield Speedway while driving for the Titan Racing team.

Mitchell Gee

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Marcus Dumesny (NSW)
The youngest and smoothest of the Dumesny clan, the 20-year-old racer enjoyed a breakout fifth season in 410 Sprintcars. The standout results were a fifth in the Grand Annual Classic, which included taking out the preliminary feature race, and a second-place finish in the Australian 410 Sprintcar Championship. It’s scary to think where Dumesny will be with more experience under his belt. The sky is honestly the limit!

Marcus Dumesny

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Matt Dumesny (NSW)
Spectacular is one way to describe the driving style of this Dumesny. Although he runs on a knife edge, he has picked up his fair share of wins, which includes the 2018 NSW Title, during his five seasons in 410 Sprintcars. This 23-year-old throttle stomper has plenty of wins to come his way, and whether it’s win, lose, or draw there’s doubt he’ll do it in spectacular style.

Matt Dumesny

Photo: Gary Reid

 Jordyn Brazier (NSW)
Carrying the Brazier surname certainly brings its fair share of pressure, but this quietly spoken fourth-generation racer handles it the best he can. The 23-year-old has the right people in his corner with his six-time Australian Champion dad Garry and his two-time Australian Champion granddad Steve. With a decent amount of minor podium finishes – both here in Australia and over in America, Brazier earlier last season at Valvoline Raceway broke through for his maiden feature-race win. Another highlight for Brazier was an impressive fifth-place finish in the 2017 Australian 410 Sprintcar Championship at Valvoline Raceway. It’s hard to believe Brazier already has eight Sprintcar seasons to his name.

Jordyn Brazier

Photo: Gary Reid

 Alex Orr (NSW)
In recent seasons, Orr has been knocking on the door for feature-race wins at his home of Valvoline Raceway, which is regarded as the toughest track in the country, but the 27-year-old racer has fallen short on various occasions and collected minor podium finishes. Orr leaves nothing out there on the track and a maiden win shouldn’t be too far away.

Alex Orr

Photo: Gary Reid

 Jessie Attard (NSW)
Attard has benefited from time spent competing in America over the last two years and that has seen him come close to clinching a breakthrough feature-race win here in Australia. With four seasons in Sprintcars so far, Attard has certainly gained plenty of valuable experience doing as much racing as possible around the country.

Jessie Attard

Photo: Tony Loxley

 Brock Hallett (SA)
Last season saw Hallett step it up to a whole new level and announced himself to the country. The standout of the 28-year-old’s campaign last season was a sensational win in the opening World Series Sprintcar Championship round at Murray Bridge Speedway. From that point, the two-time Australian Formula 500 Champion continued to shine on the WSS Championship and throughout the Grand Annual Classic weekend. When it comes to Hallett’s future, it’s certainly a bright one.

Brock Hallett

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Daniel Pestka (SA)
The highlights during Pestka’s years in Sprintcars includes a Victorian Title, an overall Easter Trail point score win, and a pair of Avalon Raceway Track Championship point standings wins. With 11 Sprintcar seasons under his belt, the 28-year-old racer still has plenty of achievements left in him.

Daniel Pestka

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Aidan Hall (SA)
Hall has shown plenty of promise throughout his six seasons in 410 Sprintcars. Along with solid results in recent seasons in WSS Championship rounds, the 24-year-old’s best performance in 410 Sprintcars came when he drove to victory in the Victorian Title at Premier Speedway back in 2016. Hall has proven on many occasions that he can hold his own amongst the country’s best racers, but the only thing holding him back is a small budget.

Aidan Hall

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Daniel Evans (SA)
Since stepping into Sprintcars, Evans has made his mark in the 360 ranks. As recent as this season just gone, he finished second in the final All Star 360 Sprintcar Series point standings and finished fifth in the Australian 360 Sprintcar Championship. Other highlights for the 24-year-old racer from Renmark during his nine seasons so far is a pair of South Australian 360 Sprintcar Title wins and a fourth-place finish in the 2019 Australian 360 Sprintcar Championship.

Daniel Evans

Photo: Shayne T Wright

 Jock Goodyer (Tas)
Goodyer is without a shadow of a doubt one of the country’s leading Sprintcar talents. The 19-year-old, who just last season picked up the Australian Formula 500 Title spoils, enjoyed a promising debut as a WSS Championship contracted driver to score a handful of minor podium finishes on his way to fourth in the final WSS Championship point standings. In his first three seasons in Sprintcars, Goodyer has done a lot of travelling around the country and he is certainly showing everyone just what a talent he is.

Jock Goodyer

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Shaun Dobson (Tas)
It feels like Dobson has been around Sprintcars forever. In fact, that’s not the case and it’s hard to believe that Dobson is still only 27 years old. Since debuting in Sprintcars nearly a decade ago, he has won the 2017 Scott Darley Challenge at Valvoline Raceway, finished second in the 2012 Australian Championship at Adelaide’s Speedway City, claimed an Eureka Garages & Sheds Series point standings win, and an overall Easter Trail point score victory. As he showed during last season’s Australian Championship, there still plenty of fire left in Dobson.

Shaun Dobson

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Corey McCullagh (Vic)
When you win the country’s biggest Sprintcar event, the Grand Annual Classic, your name is etched into history forever. Apart from that Grand Annual Classic triumph in 2018, McCullagh has shown plenty of promise at various other major events, and the best is certainly yet to come.

Corey McCullagh

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Rusty Hickman (Vic)
Like Goodyer, Hickman is one of the brightest Sprintcar racers in the country. This 20-year-old just completed his second season as a WSS Championship contracted driver and the more experience he gains the better and more consistent he becomes. This exciting talent has already won a WSS Championship preliminary feature race by beating Donny Schatz fair and square, which occurred during the 2018-19 season, and he claimed the point standings honours in the 2017-18 season Eureka Garages & Sheds Series.

Rusty Hickman

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Jordyn Charge (Vic)
Charge has been long regarded as a future talent since stepping out of Junior Quarter Midgets five seasons ago as a 16-year-old, and the now 20-year-old is now starting to live up to that tag. During his time so far in Sprintcars, he has qualified into the Grand Annual Classic feature race of 2019, ran second in last season’s Australian 360 Sprintcar Championship, a top-10 finish during a WSS Championship round last season at Premier Speedway, winning the 2016-17 season Victorian 360 Sprintcar Title, and placed second in last season’s final Eureka Garages & Sheds Series point standings off the back of successive round wins.

Jordyn Charge

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Brenten Farrer (Vic)
One of the biggest improvers over the past 12 months in Sprintcars has without a shadow of a doubt been Farrer. Well and truly established on the 360 Sprintcar scene, he is now starting to make an impression in 410 Sprintcars, and he was unlucky to crash out of last season’s Grand Annual Classic feature race while running strongly inside the top 10. At the age of 29, he just scrapes into this article, but he is certainly one driver to keep an eye on.

Brenten Farrer

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Brayden Parr (Vic)
This 21-year-old racer is one driver who is making quite an impression in his home state. Parr has shown plenty of promise in recent seasons and just last season ventured over to Tasmania for the Australian Championship and managed to qualify into the feature race and went on to finish in 12th place. Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Parr is yet to announce his plans and who he will be driving for, but he is too talented of a racer to be sitting on the sidelines.

Brayden Parr

Photo: Corey Gibson Photography

 Callum Williamson (WA)
Williamson has just come off a career-best season in Western Australia, where he recorded two feature-race wins. Apart from those feature-race wins, the Geraldton-based racer also drove outstandingly from the back of the field to finish seventh in the WSS Championship round at Bunbury Speedway. He has been racing Sprintcars for nine seasons now and the 27-year-old is proving to be one of his state’s biggest talents.

Callum Williamson

Photo: Peter Roebuck

 Kaiden Manders (WA)
Despite not racing Sprintcars this past season and instead stepping back into Speedcars, Manders is still regarded as a promising racer in the winged warriors. At only 22 years of age, he has already won two Australian 360 Sprintcar Championships (2018 and 2019) and a Western Australian 360 Sprintcar Title (2018). Aside from his 360 Sprintcar achievements, Manders has proven himself as a threat in 410 Sprintcars. Here’s to hoping Manders gets another opportunity in a Sprintcar sooner rather than later.

Kaiden Manders

Photo: Peter Roebuck

 Notable Mentions:
We have scratched the surface regarding the young talent in Sprintcars, so here’s a list of other drivers that are currently coming through, which we have outlined in state order. To say the future of Australian Sprintcar racing is healthy would be quite the understatement.

Qld Cody Maroske, Aaron Kelly, Ryan McNamara, Brent Aprile, Callum Walker, Randy Morgan, Dylan Menz, Kristy Bonsey, Nicholas Whell

Vic Jack Lee, Jye O’Keeffe, Bobby Daly, Peter Doukas, Terry Rankin, Jake Smith, Luke Walker, Jacob Dickson, Carly Walsh, Brayden Cooley, James Aranyosi, Stephen Spark, Andrew Thompson, Mitchell Smith

NSW Jackson Delamont, Daniel Sayre, Mick Saller, Michael Stewart, Daniel Cassidy, Blake Skipper, Matt Geering, Luke Geering, Luke Stirton, Jake Baines, Thomas Jeffrey, Guy Stanshall, Lachlan Caunt, Coby Elliott, Luke Sayre, Ashleigh Jack, Braydan Willmington, Kaitlyn Anthony

WA Mitchell Wormall, Brad Maiolo, Daniel Hartigan, James Inglis, Michael Keen, Daniel Keen, Ben Butcher, AJ Nash, Cameron McKenzie, Tom Callaghan

SA Jake Tranter, Joel Heinrich, Lisa Walker, Ben Morris, Scott Enderl

Tas Tate Frost, Nick Penno

NT Ben Atkinson Jnr, Jason Gebert, Hayden Brown, Kale Quinlan