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In what was a major surprise 2020-21 season announcement, Dayne Kingshott was recently confirmed as the new driver for the Krikke Motorsport team. Totally Speedway’s Daniel Powell caught up with Kingshott for this exclusive interview.

Totally Speedway: First things first, congratulations on picking up one of the country’s most coveted 410 Sprintcar rides.
Dayne Kingshott: Thanks. It’s an amazing opportunity that has been presented to me with the Krikke Motorsport team and I couldn’t be happier.

TS: How did this opportunity with the Krikke Motorsport team come about?
DK: In all honesty, it came completely out of the blue following the recent cancellation of this season’s World Series Sprintcars Championship. One of my best mates is Matt Cochrane, who is the current Krikke Motorsport crew chief, and he called me and asked me to come around to the team’s workshop. I turned up and team manager Ryan Krikke was there, too, and after a bit of small talk, I asked who their driver is going to be following the likelihood Kerry Madsen being unable to get into the country, and Ryan’s reply was, I’m looking at him. Naturally, it came as a bit of a shock, and I asked him if he was serious, and he was.

TS: There is a strong connection with your family and the Krikke family, isn’t there?
DK: Yes. There sure is. Our families are both from Bunbury and have known each other now for well over three decades. My dad Ward has been good friends with the Krikke family for as long as I have been alive. The relationship has always been strong, and the family have been great supporters of my speedway career in Junior Sedans and then throughout my time in Speedcars.

TS: You are best known for your feats in Speedcars over the past 15 years, but you have had a couple of stints in 410 Sprintcars in between, yeah?
DK: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to go Sprintcar racing. After my time in Junior Sedans, we chose to go Speedcar racing as that is what suited my family’s budget best. In 2012-13 season, I got the opportunity to race most of a season in 410 Sprintcars with the Minchin family team. They were new to 410 Sprintcar racing after coming out of the Limited Sprintcar ranks, and so were we, and it was a big learning curve for the both of us. It was great to get the chance to race a Sprintcar and I’m forever thankful to the Minchin family for providing it to me. A few years later, I made two cameo appearances at the end of the season with the Monte Motorsport team and it was a fantastic experience to be invited to drive for such a professional team.

TS: What are the biggest differences between driving a Speedcar and a Sprintcar?
DK: There are quite a lot of differences between the two. Yes. The speeds are quite similar, but both cars require different driving styles as one requires the use of the wing and the other doesn’t. What works driving a Speedcar doesn’t work when you drive a Sprintcar and vice versa.

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Photo: DIRTHO Fotos

TS: What’s the 2020-21 season schedule looking like for you and the Krikke Motorsport team?
DK: At this stage, I’ll be doing all of the SEG Series rounds and hopefully the Australian Championship at the Perth Motorplex. Naturally this opportunity for me came about from Kerry Madsen not being able to drive for the Krikke Motorsport team, due to border restrictions. If circumstances change and Kerry can get into the country, the team will run the big dollar race meetings with him.

TS: You recently announced that you would be stepping away from Speedcars with the family team, what brought that about?
DK: I have loved my time in Speedcars with the family, as I have won every major event in Western Australia on multiple occasions, travelled over to compete in America and of course won the 2019 Australian Championship, but I made the decision to step away and chase opportunities with other teams. Due budget restraints and family commitments with my wife and our two young children, I simply can’t dedicate the time required to race our family operation at the level I want to.

TS: When it comes to the upcoming season, how excited are you about this opportunity?
DK: I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited. An opportunity like this doesn’t come along every day, so I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the WA # 2 car and see what we can do.

TS: Working with the Krikke family that you have known your whole life and the team’s crew chief being one of your best friends, how does that make you feel?
DK: It gives me a lot of confidence, as these are people that I know well, and it feels like the perfect fit for all concerned. There isn’t a lot of pressure on me, but at the same time I want to do well and represent the whole team to the best of my ability.

TS: One final question, what 2020-21 season goals have you set for yourself?
DK: I’m certainly not stepping into one of the country’s best 410 Sprintcar rides to just make up the numbers. I know that I have the best equipment under me and the team around me, so I’m hoping to be a top-five runner straight up and as we get more comfortable, I’d like to be a front-running contender.

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Photo: Richard Hathaway Photography